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01 daddy

One of the first victims of the zombie infection.

In the first chapter of the series, a large spike in violent crimes is occurring all over Japan. The crimes are even more terrifying because many of them involve people being savagely attacked and bitten to death. More alarmingly, some of the victims are coming back to life and continuing the cycle of violence.

Enter Maeda Yoshiaki, the main character of the story. When we meet him, he is being arraigned at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center for murder. This juvenile delinquency facility is on a peninsula, and has one road leading on or off of it. It houses 124 inmates and 20 guards.

01 in the dark

Maeda says that he is innocent of murder.

Maeda pleads not guilty, but he is merely brushed off as one of those kids who commits a serious crime but is not willing to face the consequence of his actions. He is then given personal affects such as a futon and jumpsuit, and is handed over to Yoshioka Masafumi, an 18 year old serving time for unknown reasons. He takes Maeda back to their room, Cell 4, to unpack. When Maeda says he is there on a wrongful conviction, Yoshioka demands to know his backstory. So Maeda explains the event that landed him at the Shouran Academy.

Coming home from school one day, Maeda was almost at his family’s apartment when he heard a strange noise coming from the opposite side of his apartment building. Following the sound, he discovered a gruesome sight-- a dead body, and a man crouched over the body, eating it. The cannibal fled, and Maeda, frozen in fear, remained at the crime scene until the police were notified. Since he was the first and only person present at the scene, he was assumed to be the murderer. After his story, his two other roommates, Iwakura Gou and Yamanoi Mitsuru join them.

His new c
01 lets get along

Maeda meets Yamanoi, Yoshioka and Iwakura.

ellmates inform him that it doesn't matter if he's innocent or not, he probably won't get a retrial to appeal the charges against him. This further crushes his spirit.

Later, during mealtime, Maeda learns that the members of Cell 4, his cell, are among the most hated in the reformatory. Fights between them and other cells occur regularly. But he also witnesses that his cellmates are more than capable of defending themselves against their enemies. After a potential fight is broken up by guards, all of the participants of the scrimmage are punished. Cell 4 and Cell 8 are forced to do laps around the yard outside.

Maeda, struggling to keep up while lamenting on his current lot in life looks up at the sky and sees an abnormal amount of crows circling the facility. As he stops and stares, one of the birds drops a human ear.

01 eat victim

The first zombie to arrive at the Shouran Academy.

Just when he is about to be reprimanded by an instructor for not running, a police van entering the yard crashes into a pole right in front of them. A passenger emerges, covered in blood, and the instructor grabs him and leads him towards the infirmary. Meanwhile another fight between the members of Cell 4 and Cell 8 is about to start. Maeda is cornered against the crashed van by a Cell 8 inmate, but notices that there's another body in the car, the driver. As he alerts the others of another crash victim, the boys notice noises from where the instructor was last standing. The teens look over to discover that the man being taken to the infirmary has not only killed their teacher, but is now eating him too.

Chapter 1 Tally for the Shouran Juvenile Detention AcademyEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 0 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 1 Dead
  • 143 Remaining

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