Chapter 11
Chapter 11
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Title Smells Like Dead Spirit
Volume Number 3
Chapter Number 11
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11 the Bokor deafened the guys

The Bokor attacks the guys with sound

The man on top of the mountain of infected bodies has tracked down Maeda and the crew. He has wrapped infected bodies around their van and lifts it into the air. As they look in shock, the mountain extends itself towards the van's back door. They bodies form a bridge for the man to walk across. Too shocked to take action, the guys watch as the man steps into the van. No one knows what to do as they stare at the man, and he at them.

As Iwakura looks forward, he spots a gun out the corner of his eye. He dives for it and points it at the naked man. What he sees in front of him is... bizarre. A largely inflated biological mass is in front of him. It is the naked man's lungs, stretched out abnormally. He opens his mouth unnaturally wide and emits a sonic blast, deafening the guys. As everyone writhes in agony, the naked man approaches Maeda.

Standing before him, the naked man

11 the Bokor resumes his work

The Bokor tries to infect Maeda again

begins to chew and move something around in his mouth. When he opens his mouth, his tongue and a rush of blood falls out. Maeda attempts to run away but is snatched up by the naked man. As Maeda struggles, the naked man pulls him close to his face, and tries to drip his blood into Maeda's mouth. As he struggles to resist he is saved by Iwakura, who grabs the man by the hair and tosses him out of the vehicle. But they cannot rest for long. The man is back on the bridge of the infected, and in front of them again. He then inhales and inflates his abdomen like a balloon again. Once more he exhales and knocks out the van's passengers. He approaches Maeda again, and reattempts to pass his blood from his mouth to Maeda’s.

Before the exchange can happen, Yoshioka struggles with the cars controls, and triggers the four wheel drive. He pushes on the gas, and the wheels spin furiously. He shreds all of the infected people wrapped around the bottom of the van, causing it to drop to the ground and drive away. The drop stuns the gang, including the naked man.

But the infected are still attempting to swarm the van. Yoshioka notes that so long as the naked man is still around, the infected will continue to speed up. Maeda has a solution to this. He gets up, grabs a gun, and points it at the naked mans' head. He squeezes the trigger and shoots... at the ground beside his target. Yamanoi has pushed the gun away from the man. He demands that they not kill him.

11 Yamanoi plunges a pen into the Bokor

Yamanoi stabs the Bokor in the lungs with a ballpoint pen

Confused by Yamanoi's actions, Iwakura argues that if they don't kill him, they will all die. They have little time to argue however. The infected are at the entrance of the van, coming to the aid of their master. Iwakura yells at Maeda to shoot and when he takes aim at of the monsters, the naked man begins to inflate himself again. He expands his body to the point that he
11 Yamanoi takes down the Bokor

Yamanoi deflated the Bokor's lungs

completely blocks the rear of the van. Maeda has no choice but to switch targets and aim for the naked man. But again Yamanoi intervenes. He shoves Maeda aside and jabs a ball-point pen into the naked man's body. Noiman's gambit works. The exposed potion of the pen bursts open, and the naked man falls to the ground, deflated. As soon as he collapses, the once aggressive infected people reverted to their slow and aimless ways.


11 Yamanoi wants to bring the Bokor

Yamanoi will bring the naked man to the Academy

Yamanoi explains that the naked man controls the infected with sound. He emits a sound that is either too high or too low for normal humans to hear, but it is his means of communication with the infected. He gambled that if the naked man's stomach was punctured, the air in his lungs would be expelled through the pen, preventing him from "talking" to the infected.

11 Yamanoi and Iwakura aim

Yamanoi and Iwakura aim at each other

Yamanoi insists that they bring the naked man back to the reformatory with them, not only to understand what his role is in this new world of theirs, but also as his own test subject.

Iwakura strongly disagrees with this, demanding they deal with the naked man right then and there. He picks up a gun and aims it at Noiman, stating that he has no reason to play along with Yamanoi's little game of science. Noiman picks up his own gun and they take aim at each other... and two gunshots are heard.

Chapter 11 Tally for The Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 57 dead
  • 20 Prison Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others
  • 71 Remaining


The chapter title "Smells Like Dead Spirit" is a reference to the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by the rock band Nirvana.