Chapter 14
Chapter 14
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Title Roll Over Wagner
Volume Number 4
Chapter Number 14
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Now that the violence in the cafeteria has been settled, Yamanoi is anxious to get to the business of examining the naked man. But before he does, he and Maeda explain the cafeteria massacre to Hitotsukabuto. He brushes the incident off, reasoning, as Cell Four did, that the attacking inmates got what they deserved. He notices however that some things don't add up. Why is it that no one could restrain one infected child? How did one child managed to slaughter 19 people? And how is it that during the slaughter no one was infected? He asks if Cell Four were keeping something from him, and Yamanoi said that they would not keep anything from him, as they seek to uncover some of these unanswered questions for themselves. He has explained to the guys that the naked man controls the infected people with sound. Now he would like to learn what other secrets he can reveal from their prisoner. Hitotsukabuto and Maeda are in the room with Yamanoi and the naked man, and Maeda has the job of digitally recording the naked man's examination.


Yamanoi agrees that the man is something like a Bokor. In Yamanoi's words: "They exist in the West Indies, where the voodoo religion is practiced. As priest of black magic they rule over the voodoo community, and anyone who disturbs the order of their society is fed a certain kind of poison, and deformed into an existence known as 'The Living Dead,' to be manipulated as a walking corpse." A zombie.

14 Yamanoi sings Wagner

Yamanoi sings Wagner

We get our first glimpse inside the mind of Yamanoi as he prepares to work. He prefers analog music as opposed to digital, and thinks people who enjoy them "have piles of feces collecting dust in their brains." When Hitotsukabuto questions if the Bokor created the infected people, Yamanoi silences him. In his own world, Yamanoi is in ecstasy while listening to an opera by Wagner. It is revealed that his love of Wagner dates back to his childhood at home with his mother.

A perfectionist at heart, his mother states that they come from a family of perfect musicians. But there home is anything but the image of perfection. Trash and unpaid bills litter there home, and people are constantly demanding that she repay their financial debts. When Ms. Yamanoi is not on the phone with bill collectors, she's beating her son for not bringing home straight A's from school.

But this time, Yamanoi mentally promises to his mother, he will take care of things "flawlessly".

14 Yamanoi cuts open the Bokor

Yamanoi cuts open the Bokor

Box cutter in hand, he jabs the blade into the man's chest, and drags it downward. Maeda asks if Yamanoi is going to dissect the Bokor, but he says he won't. He does say however that Maeda must film the wound he just made. Slowly it heals. Yamanoi has deduced that the Bokor heals very fast, and over time there won't be any trace of the wound at all. He also restates that the Bokor can control the infected people by sound, and that he can emit shockwaves.

Continuing on with the examination, he notices that the Bokor has compound eyes with three pupils, something only insects and crustaceans have. However, he has a navel, indicating that he is a mammal.

Most glaring, after his eyes, is the fact that the Bokor has no external genitalia. Nor does "he" have any excretory orifices. So how does he reproduce? How does he eat? How does he eliminate waste?

14 the Bokors eyes

The Bokor's eyes

Looking further, Yamanoi notices something. The Bokor has a scar on his lower abdomen that has not healed, which Yamanoi realizes must have come from an appendectomy. There are marks near it from a vaccine as well. Therefore, the Bokor was a normal human when he got these scars, and became this monster after the fact, leaving these original wounds unhealed.

With his initial examination over, he plays the recording back for all of the other inmates to see. Some are shocked by thy footage, while others make jokes about it. When Hitotsukabuto asks Yamanoi to explain his findings to the inmates they heckle him. So he lays out the facts for them loud and clear. The human race as they know it is destined for extinction. He explains that, historically, as new species begin to appear in rapid succession, like the beings controlled by the Bokor, they alter their environment to suit their needs. They also kill off every other species that existed before them. The inmates take this news heavily, but Hitotsukabuto tries to rally them together. He says that they should fight instead of waiting to die.

14 is the Bokor male or female

Kyouichi and Hitoshi inspect the Bokor

Meanwhile, Hitoshi and Kyuoichi Nakazaki are skipping out on the presentation. They are looking for the person Cell Four, Hanabata and Kasahara smuggled in with them. They know the person is in the solitary confinement room and assume, because of the guys' secrecy, it's a woman the guys were possibly hiding for sexual reasons. With keys in hand, they unlock the door to the confinement room and find... a body on the floor, wrapped from nose to toes. They cannot determine if it's a man or a woman, so they rip the bandages off of the body’s mouth. They consider it to be male and try to talk to him, but he laughs to himself. Then the see a ball point pen sticking out of the bandages and remove it. After looking at the Bokor some more, they fully decide it's a man.

14 zombie tower attacks the Academy

A tower of the infected bombards the Academy

As Hitoshi laughs at the situation, Kyouichi notices something outside of the window. They both look out and see a mass of the infected, in the form of a large column, smash into the building. As panic spreads among the inmates, Hitotsukabuto demands the Cell Four gang to hand over their ammunition. They are now at war with the zombies.

Chapter 14 Tally of the Shouran Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 78
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others
  • 50 Remaining


The chapter title "Roll Over Wagner" is a reference to the song "Roll Over Beethoven" by Chuck Berry.