Chapter 15
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Title Life on Fort?
Volume Number 4
Chapter Number 15
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The infected have made an attack on the Shouran Academy, thanks to the Nakazaki brothers taking the gag off of the Bokor's mouth. The inmates have only encountered sluggish monsters, so they are shocked at the abnormal speed the infected are now moving. And there are hundreds of them, just outside the windows. One inmate is so frightened by the scope of their situation he runs away instead of fighting the monster chasing him. As he runs he stops dead in his tracks, staring down the barrel of a gun. There is a shot, and the inmate realizes that the gun wasn't aiming for him, but the monster behind him.

15 Yoshioka brings guns

Yamanoi brings the inmates guns.

Cell Four comes to the rescue, and unloads a lot of guns on the floor. Now all of the inmates are shooting every infected person in sight, but Yoshioka reminds them to stay focused and preserve their ammo. The most impressive shot however, is Hitotsukabuto. He's flawless in attacking the monsters, and Yoshioka takes notice. He asks Hitotsukabuto why he is so good at killing the infected, and Hitotsukabuto reminds him that he can see 2 seconds into the future. When Yoshioka asks him how he does it, Hitotsukabuto thinks back to the event that gave him his "gift".

Hitotsukabuto was in a car crash as a child. Besides nearly loosing the ability to walk, he realized that his head trauma gave him the ability to see 2 seconds into the future. After his flashback, he tells Yoshioka that he wouldn't recommend anyone obtain his gift the way he did.

15 the Bokor shatters glass

The Bokor attacks Cell 4, Hitotsukabuto and Hanabata.

As the fire fight continues, Yamanoi is on his own investigating a theory. He reaches the solitary confinement room and his suspicions confirmed- the Bokor has escaped, and with the ball point pen removed from his abdomen. The wound around it will heal, and he will be able to summon a hoard of the infected, as he did before. While he realizes the gravity of the problem he realizes that the only the separating him from the infected is a metal prison gate. Then the gunshots come closer, until only Iwakura was left standing behind him. Iwakura asks Yamanoi what's happening and Yamanoi explains that the Bokor has somehow escaped. They need to find and subdue him as quickly as possible before things get worse.

Right on queue, as the two return to Maeda, Yoshioka and Hitotsukabuto there is more action going on outside of the window. The crew looks out and sees a horribly familiar sight. It is the Bokor's super-inflated abdomen. Cell Four knows what is coming next but sill cannot be prepared enough for the damage cause by the Bokor's sonic attack.

15 Maeda blasts Bokor's face

Maeda shoots the Bokor in the face.

Standing on his mountain of bodies, the Bokor lets out a deafening, incapacitating scream. As windows shatter around them, Yoshioka is falling down, Iwakura is swaying and disoriented, and Yamanoi is on his knees. Maida and Hitotsukabuto are also affected, lying on the ground in apparent agony.

The Bokor is lifted inside of the academy by his faithful infected slaves, and he walks towards Maeda, his usual target. He leans over him, ready to return to his unfinished business. But Maeda has a surprise for him. Thanks to Hitotsukabuto's ability to see 2 seconds into the future, he was able to cover Maeda's ears right before the Bokor's sonic attack. Being unaffected, Maeda was able to think clearly and arm himself with a gun. Maeda aims for the Bokor's head and shoots.

Chapter 15 Tally for the Shouran Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 82 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others
  • 46 Remaining

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