Chapter 20
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Title God Save the Kids
Volume Number 5
Chapter Number 20
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Daisy and her associates have rounded up the inmates for their one-on-one interviews. Daisy sits them down and takes away their weapons, saying that civilians are not allowed to carry them on the helicopter. Then she asks them some questions about the mountain of bodies, and if they've seen a naked man sitting on top of it. None of the inmates interviewed remember seeing a man on top of the pillar that attacked the academy. They do however remember seeing a video about a guy whose eyes had three pupils and how 'he' had no "schlong" or "bunghole". Soon Daisy learns that Cell Four recorded the video, and one of them said regular humans are about to go extinct because of the appearance of the infected people.

20 the guys discuss the soldiers

Hitotsukabuto reveals the soldiers lies.

When they are finished talking to the inmates, the soldiers talk amongst themselves. Not only has the "Child of Light" (as they call the Bokor,) been here, he was captured and videotaped. They decide it's time to talk to the Cell Four gang directly about this. They have been lied to the whole time. While giving them a guided tour, Cell Four lied about not seeing the Bokor. And they are skipping out on the interview process, further proof of their suspicion of the soldiers. So Daisy sends out Percy and another soldier to go find them.

Shortly after, all of the inmates are called outside for an assembly. But Cell Four is watching out the window, planning an attack on the soldiers. They are joined by Kasahara and Hitotsukabuto. When they ask why Hitotsukabuto is hanging out with them he says he could not trust them because they were using fake names. Yamanoi asks how'd he know that and Yoshioka says they are using names from the cartoon show "Thomas the Tank Engine." suddenly there's noise outside of the door, and they get into position.

Meanwhile, Daisy is addressing the inmates outside. Hers is a very important speech, and it changes everything.

20 Daisy shoots an Inmate

Daisy shoots and inmate for blasphemy.

First, she and her associates have nothing to do with the United Nations. Second, all the world is in chaos because of the infection, not just Japan. Therefore, no one will be sent overseas. Third, there is no cure for the infected. Fourth, their guns were taken away to avoid "unnecessary bloodshed". Fifth, she and her comrades believe that the infected are not monsters, and as such they should not be killed.

She then she explains her and her groups mission-- to spread the message of god to as many people as they can. She and her associates believe that the virus is a gift from God, and all infected people are angels. They do not think the virus is something to be cured. And, most importantly, the naked man from the video is "The Child of Light," a God-like being who is closest to God.

Her speech does not go over so well. The inmates are sad, angry, scared. As Daisy tries to control the crowd one of the inmates tells her that her 'God' is crap and he'd kill him if he saw him. Daisy shoots him dead for speaking ill of her God.  She then tells them the grimmest news of all. Since the inmates have killed so many 'angels', they must atone for their sins by dying. The soldiers draw their guns and aim at the crowd. One inmate tries to convince them that he believes what they say and will do anything to avoid being shot. So he is pushed off of a ledge and into a crowd of zombies to be eaten to death.

20 soldiers take charge

The soldiers resist an ambush.

Daisy explains that they have two choices in order to make up for their sin of killing the infected—throw themselves to the “angels” and beg for mercy, or receive God's mercy directly from the barrel of a gun.

Meanwhile, two of the soldiers are looking around for the inmates of Cell Four. They enter a dark room and try to turn on the lights. There is a tack taped to the switch, and it draws blood from the soldier who pushed it. Ignoring the childish prank, they enter the know-lit room and are met with Kasahara pointing a pistol at them. As they try to talk to him, Hitotsukabuto is sneaking behind them from the ceiling's air duct! As they notice him, he has grabbed the rifle from the soldier below him. Iwakura then springs out from under a blanket and makes a grab for the other soldier's gun. He gets it, but before he can get into position to use it both soldiers are back-to-back, and have collectively drawn four guns, covering all angles of the room. This successfully prevents any other attempts to kill them. Yoshioka then pops out from under a blanket, but Hitotsukabuto tells him not to try anything because these guys are capable of killing them all in fewer than 2 seconds.

Chapter 20 Tally for the Shouran Academy Juvenile Delinquency CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 84 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Other
  • 44 Remaining


The chapter title "God Save the Kids" is a reference to either the British Crown's anthem "God Save the Queen" or the Sex Pistols song of the same name.

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