Chapter 22
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Title All The Young Sheep
Volume Number 6
Chapter Number 22
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Maeda is slipping in and out of consciousness. During a moment of wakefulness, he hears tapping and banging. He assumes the noises are fireworks, and wishes he were outside. But the reality is far far worse.

There is chaos on the courtyard of the Shouran Academy. Iwakura has shot a soldier in the neck (with an arrow) from the roof, and is being shot at. He gets away, and Corporal Top, the leader of the Bokor cultists, demands a cease-fire. He then orders the soldiers to assume their two-man teams and search the academy for Cell 4.

22 A cultist wraps up a zombie

A cultist subdues an infected cultist.

Two of the soldiers enter the building and are met by Yamanoi, who throws a blanket over them. As he runs away as they realize the blanket was covered in needles. Soon, one of soldiers 'turns', and tries to attack his partner. In another wing of the building, a second soldier has been shot by one of Iwakura's arrows. He too has become infected. And lastly, as cultist Daisy wonders if the soldiers are alright, Top tells her not to worry because they are God's chosen people, and are under his divine protection. Just as he finishes talking they sense movement nearby. The first soldier to be shot with an arrow has been infected, and is rising to his feet. Top tells Daisy "you know what to do." In unison, she and the two uninfected soldiers inside of the building remove thin wires from their uniforms and wrap them around the zombies. This subdues them without killing them. As Top watches Daisy work, he is reminded of how much she's changed from the frightened woman she used to be.

22 Daisy Top and Cultist walk with a cross

Daisy, Top, and their friend face the infected.

Daisy, Top, and another man met each other on a cruise ship. As the infection spread throughout the boat, the three of them ended up trapped on the uppermost part of the ship. They were up there for three days exposed to the sun and without food or water. Daisy was grieving the loss lost her fiancée who wandered around downstairs as a zombie. With no hope of rescue, she threatened to take her own life by jumping head-first into the ocean. The man agreed to follow her but Top begged them not to, saying that their lives were gifts from God and suicide was a sin. He stated that their current situation was the will of God. But Daisy, fed up with his faith, decided she would still leap to her death. But when she was about to jump the yacht hit land. They jumped into the shallow water and swam ashore. But as soon as they stepped foot on the beach they were surrounded by a herd of the infected. Daisy and the man were terrified, but Top insisted that they go forward, for this too was God's will. So they walked onto the land, Top with his crucifix in hand. But as they approached the zombies, something unexpected happened. Instead of attacking the trio the infected turned away from them. The infected are instead walking toward a large mountain of bodies. And sitting on top of the mountain was a naked man.

This was their sign that God really was watching over them. This was their sign that the final judgment of mankind had begun.

Chapter 22 Tally for the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 97 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others
  • 31 Remaining

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