Chapter 29
Chapter 29
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Title If You Want Dirty Blood
Volume Number 7
Chapter Number 29
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Yamanoi has finished his phone call with Dr. Sakagami Yukko. She has asked him and his friends to find another F-Virus carrier to help her make her M-Virus cure. Hitotsukabuto asks them what will they do and Maeda says he would like to go to her. He figures that if he can help her create a cure then maybe she can cure him too. But Yoshioka asks a question- why is she on the Sea Firefly, which is basically a floating car garage? Why isn't she at a laboratory? Yamanoi gives his opinion. Maybe she abandoned the lab with her husband in order to look for more F-Virus carriers.

"But why would she need more carriers when she's got her F-Virus infected husband right there?" Yoshioka asks. To this Yamanoi responds that when a person is infected with the F-Virus their insides begin deteriorate. Once they complete their transformation into a Bokor the virus disappears from their body along with their internal organs.

Then he fills us in on the rest of his conversation with Sakagami.

29 collapsed bridge1

The Female Bokor destroys the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line

She left the research building in search of more F virus carriers. As she carted her husband into a car she was suddenly attacked by a female Bokor! She drove away as fast as she could, and she randomly ended up crossing the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line bridge leading towards the Sea Firefly. As the female Bokor chased the car her mountain of bodies collapsed the bridge Sakagami was on. The zombie tower fell into Tokyo bay, giving her a chance to escape.

Maeda says that he still wants to go help her anyway, even with this new threat lurking around. Iwakura volunteers to go with him, as it will be too dangerous for him to go alone. Maeda graciously thanks him, and then timidly asks Yoshioka if he'd like to come along. Yoshioka considers it and decides that if he were to go and help save the world he'd become a hero. Then everybody would have to learn about him and his life. So he agrees to go too. He then asks Yamanoi if he'd like to go as well, and Yamanoi agrees, wanting to see more interesting things. Yoshioka finally asks Hitotsukabuto if he'd like to go along as well. He refuses, not wanting to get involved in their foolish mission to help some old lady.

Then he becomes more serious. He asks them if they are sure that they want to go out into this new and dangerous world. Not only do they have to deal with the zombies, they also have to deal with the monsters who can control the zombies as well. He then makes a strange comment. He says that he can understand the three of them wanting to go outside and give their lives away, considering what they'd all done to get sent to Shouran.

29 hk yo fight soft

Yoshioka's final fight with Hitotsukabuto

Yoshioka dismisses the idea that they are all depressed about living. He says, for him anyway, that he wants to stop the viruses because the zombies walking around probably think they are better than regular humans. He's had enough of people thinking they are better than he is, and wants to put an end to it. And then he lunges at Hitotsukabuto with a knife! He fails of course, thanks to Hitotsukabuto's ability to see two seconds into the future. He hoped he could finally catch Hitotsukabuto off guard, but gets beaten up again instead. Yamanoi and Iwakura are unfazed by this. They've seen it before.

29 yamanois teeth

Yamanoi's teeth.

As Iwakura and Maeda inspect Yoshioka, Yamanoi turns his back and begins to cough into his hand. He suddenly looks shocked and pulls his hand away from his face. He has just spit out two of his teeth. Iwakura, unaware of what's happening, asks him if he is okay.

Yamanoi answers cryptically that another element of uncertainty has just been added to their trip. He laughs for no apparent reason.

So the Cell Four guys load up into Hanabata's truck, with Hanabata at the wheel. The gang take off into the world again, with the academy growing smaller in the rear-view mirror.

Chapter 28 Tally for The Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 97 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 3 Others- 1 Dead
  • 31 Remaining