Chapter 30
Chapter 30
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Title Everybody's Dying
Volume Number 7
Chapter Number 30
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Chapter 30 begins with Cell Four and Hanabata driving towards the Sea Firefly. There awaits Dr. Sakagawa Yukko, hoping that the guys can deliver her a newly infected F-Virus carrier. With this person, she can attempt to create a radical cure against the M-Virus.

30 map2
As the guys drive away from the Academy the problem of reaching the Sea Firefly is brought up. This man made island lies halfway across the Tokyo Bay, between the cities of Kisarazu and Kawasaki. They are on the Kisarazu side of the Tokyo Bay. Since the female Bokor destroyed the bridge leading to the island on the Kisarazu side, they will have to travel counter clockwise around the Tokyo Bay in order to reach the Kawasaki side of the bridge. Then they can cross the bridge and reach Dr. Sakagami.

Yoshioka asks Yamanoi if there is a more direct way to reach the Sea Firefly. Yamanoi says there isn't, but Maeda suggests that there is if they travel by water instead. So they drive next to the bay shore.

But once they get there they see a startling sight-- infected humans who have "evolved" into seal-like

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creatures. Their bloated bodies and fused legs excite Yamanoi, who wants to capture one alive to study later! He jumps out of the truck with a gun, but stops in his tracks by what he sees next. A humongous version of these creatures rushes upon the shore, chasing down one of its smaller brethren. The others flee as it bites down on the smaller "seal", whips it high into the air, waits for it to crash down onto the beach, and then eats it. Yamanoi's fascination quickly dissipates as the gang decides that traveling by water is out of the question.

As the guys reach the highway they run into a road block. Crashed cars block access onto the road. Yoshioka tells Hanabata to let him drive because he knows the area well, from his old days of "playing tag" with the police. He will take back roads around the Tokyo Metropolis and any other urban areas to avoid as many zombies and crashed cars as possible.

30 giraffe
On their way to Kawasaki Yoshioka tells the gang that he wants to take a quick detour. He drives near a shrine to pray for safety, but it is overrun with the infected. Suddenly there is a bump against the windshield. The guys stare in awe as they back up and look up at...

A giraffe?!

The guys look up at the animal and Iwakura says that it may have escaped from the zoo near by. Yamanoi says maybe it was set free. Yoshioka says that being able to see an exotic animal for free was worth the detour they took.

30 sos

Moving on, they see a tall apartment building with large SOS banners draped across it. Yamanoi remarks that the people holed up inside and waited for help. As they continue to drive past they see buildings covered in pictures and signs. Some are missing persons fliers. Some are directions left behind by people as a way to meet up with each other again. Others are encouraging words such as "we're still alive, don't lose hope!" and "have courage." Yoshioka drives on.

30 yoshi allnight
The guys come across a public broadcasting station. Yoshioka quickly makes a run for it. He jumps behind the microphone and begins his first ever broadcast of his new show, "Yoshioka Masafumi's All Night Japan". He encourages his "loyal listeners" to continue to fight and survive, no matter how horrible the world has become. As the others remain in the car and groan over Yoshioka's randomness, Maeda wanders into the studio with Yoshioka. Yoshioka sees him and calls Maeda his engineer, then asks him to play some heavy metal music to get the audience excited. Maeda fumbles with the controls and unknowingly plays the "Anpanman March," the theme song of a popular children's show.

Oh yes, we're so happy to be alive

Even if the scars in our hearts still ache

Why was I born?

What should I do with my life?

I don't like not having an answer

Just living in the present day

Our hearts burn with white-hot fire

Oh yes we're so happy just to be alive

Even if the scars in our hearts still ache

Oh Oh Anpanman!

You're so very brave!

Go! You can protect everyone's dreams!

Don't forget about your dream

Don't cry any tears...

You'll always fly away

Far across the world

Time passes so fast

The shining stars fade away

Oh, Oh Anpanman

You're so very brave!

Go! You can protect everyone's dreams!