Chapter 32
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Title Black Rainy Sabbath
Volume Number 8
Chapter Number 32
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Chapter 32 opens up with Cell Four, along with Hanabata and Riku, walking down the street being drenched by black rain. Buildings around them are on fire, and they are wearing raincoats, dust masks and goggles for protection. They are also using oxygen tanks to avoid breathing in the poisonous fumes from the fires. Yet despite their present discomfort they are continuing on with their mission. The importance of bringing Dr. Sakagami Yukko an F-Virus carrier for her M-Virus cure was far too important. The survival of the human species was at stake.

Bleeding yamanoi

Yamanoi's wounds

As they head towards the Dr.’s lab on the Sea Firefly, Yoshioka asks Yamanoi how much further they have to walk. When Yamanoi is unresponsive he shouts at him for an answer. Emerging from a daze, Yamanoi tells him they have about 15 or 16 kilometers to go once they've made it through the tunnel leading them to it. Yoshioka yells at him to stay focused, to which he replies "I understand… mother." Maeda notices something is wrong and goes over to him. Surprisingly, Maeda is warmly greeted by Yamanoi, who asks what he is doing out in the rain. As Maeda reels from Yamanoi’s odd reaction, a much disoriented Yamanoi starts bleeding from his nose and mouth while rubbing his wounded shoulder. Maeda quickly stands by Yamanoi’s side, allowing the teen to lean against him as they continue onward.

Once the guys reach the tunnel they cautiously enter. There are abandoned cars as far as the eye can see, and it is pitch black to boot. As they walk deeper into the tunnel, Maeda thinks to himself that he is tired, and that his head feels fuzzy. Iwakura observes that the ventilation fans aren't running, and Hanabata realizes this to be the cause of his headache, and not his nerves. Yoshioka also expresses that he is nauseous. Iwakura explains that they are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning and need to get out of the tunnel as fast as they can.

Car crash

Yoshioka dodges a falling car

They walk until they are stopped by a car pile up. Yoshioka tries to climb up the heap and several of the cars tumble forward, nearly crushing him. Iwakura yells at him for being reckless, but Yoshioka says they have to try to move forward anyway they can. Hanabata tells Yoshioka that they’d better turn back, but Yoshioka angrily states the painful truth. Since they have been walking for several hours, even if they were to turn back they’d probably die from carbon monoxide poisoning before they can get out. Turning to Yamanoi, Yoshioka says he’s the “smart one” and should tell them what to do. However, Yamanoi’s disoriented mind can only express broken sentences that don’t relate to each other. He mutters the names of composers and philosophers while vaguely trying to solve their predicament in the tunnel.

Tunnel surprise

Hanabata is surprised by zombies in the emergency exit

While the teens look at Yamanoi with confusion and concern, Hanabata sees a sign that reads "Emergency Exit." He tells Cell Four that it leads to a tunnel which eventually leads to the surface. He explains that such tunnels are used to evacuate people during emergencies. He opens the door and immediately a mob of the infected spill out of the emergency exit! All of the people from the cars they have just walked past chase after the guys, Iwakura laying down cover fire as they others run for some sort of safety. Just as Iwakura runs out of bullets, Yoshioka calls for him to get into a car with him and Hanabata. Maeda supports dazed Yamanoi over to the others and they are told to get into the trunk of the car.

Yamanoi stands

Yamanoi has had enough

The guys are trapped. With the infected all around the car, shoving and beating it, there seems to be no escape. Memories from Yamanoi’s childhood resurface as he listens to all of the banging on the car. He is reminded of how his mother clung to him, in their apartment full of trash, as bill collectors banged at their door demanding payment. Suddenly he opens the trunk and stands up. Defiantly he says:

“K-Keep Your Hands Off My Mother…”Edit


The title "Black Rainy Sabbath" is a reference to the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.