Chapter 34
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Title Tender Than Bombs
Volume Number 8
Chapter Number 34
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Cell Four and the Hanabatas are still trapped within a car deep inside the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. Choking on carbon monoxide and surrounded by the infected Yoshioka, Iwakura, Hanabata Shinpei and Riku are within the car, while Yamanoi and Maeda are standing in the trunk. Yamanoi is quickly succumbing to the F-virus, and his thoughts blur the past with the present. One minute he is in the tunnel, but the next minute he is reliving his arrest for killing a child protective services worker. Maeda punches him to bring him back to reality. They need to come up with a plan to save their friends. In a moment of lucidity Yamanoi realizes that the answer lies in clearing away the zombies and car pile-up.

Yamanoi devises a plan that the two must carry out separately. Maeda's job is to find an oil tanker within the tunnel, and release all of its fuel onto the ground. Yamanoi's job is to find the Aqua-line's air supply, the Tower of Wind, and restart the ventilation system. Once the circulating oxygen carries the gasoline fumes to their car, they will create a spark to ignite the gas, which will blast away the zombies and the car wreck.

34 Maeda climbs over zombies

Maeda climbs over the infected

Their plan ready, Yamanoi and Maeda leave the others behind to begin. But the only way forward is through a hoard of the infected. So they climb over the crowd of infected people surrounding the car. Due to their both being infected the zombies leave them alone. That done, the pair split up. But while on his mission Yamanoi's mind begins to wander again.
34 Yamanoi in handcuffs

Yamanoi hallucinates about his past

He is being escorted by the police from his apartment to the cop car. He walks slowly, and is handcuffed. A coat is draped over his head to conceal his face from onlookers and photographers. Some people demand to know why he did it. Others call him a murderer. Once he is in the car he looks back and sees his mother surrounded by reporters. As she stands dazed and confused she is asked for her opinion on why her son would do such a thing. One reporter recognizes her as a former actress and acknowledges her as such. This shakes her from her shock. She turns to the crowd and in her delusional mind forgets her son, believing the crowd is there to witness her return to theatre. Suddenly he punches himself in the face, reminding himself that he is not reliving that day.

34 Yamanoi clutches the lighter

Yamanoi, fully transformed

Eventually Yamanoi makes it to the Tower of Wind and restarts the ventilation system. Meanwhile, Maeda has reached the oil tanker and emptied its contents on the ground. Maeda is the first to return to the car. But by the time Yamanoi reaches the car he is very visibly infected. The others look on helplessly as he shambles towards the car. Suddenly he grabs Maeda by the throat and chokes him. As Maeda struggles Yamanoi appears to be incapable of reasoning with, so far gone he is under the affects of the F-virus. He still has some remnants of sanity however. Yamanoi forces Maeda into the trunk and locks him inside. This is to protect him from the upcoming explosion.

"You fool. If everyone’s in the car, who will light the fire?"

34 Yamanoi engulfed in flame

Yamanoi ignites the gas fumes

While the others watch helplessly Yamanoi produces a lighter he has stolen from Yoshioka. But he must struggle against rigor mortis to use it. In this great time of need he has one final vision of his mother. Appearing as a sane and loving caregiver, she gently tells him he can take the final step to save his friends. He flexes his fingers and flicks on the lighter.

His body is engulfed in flame and light.