Chapter 37
Chapter 37
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Title Grateful When You're Infected
Volume Number 9
Chapter Number 37
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Hitotsukabuto has arrived at the Sea Firefly just in time to stop Dr. Sakagami Yukko from killing Maeda. She needs an F-Virus carrier's brain matter to create a cure for the M-Virus, and the only way to get it will kill him in the process. But with Hitotsukabuto's intervention Maeda is seemingly safe.

37 Daisy crying after being bitten

Daisy cries after being bitten.

Hitotsukabuto explains that Daisy, still mentally a child and oblivious to her past actions, was just recently bitten at the Shouran Academy. He still very much wants to kill her for her crimes against the Inmates once she regains her memories. He needs Daisy to stay alive long enough to regain her memory. So Hitotsukabuto asks Dr. Sakagami Yukko if she can create a cure for the zombie virus.

Yoshioka strongly objects. He wants to kill the doctor for nearly killing Maeda. He no longer cares for the creation of a cure if Maeda has to die in the process. But Yukko can see no other way of curing the disease except by killing Maeda. Yoshioka is still against it, which infuriates Hitotsukabuto. He cannot understand why Yoshioka would dismiss sacrificing one human in order to save the world. Yoshioka contends that Hitotsukabuto isn't being noble. He only wants the cure to extend Daisy's life long enough to kill her himself. He doesn't want Yukko to kill Maeda for such a selfish reason. Dr. Sakagami Yukko states that she's only treating Maeda this way in order to save humanity, not for fun or for Hitotsukabuto's petty desires. When Hanabata and Iwakura try to calm the trio down they are dismissed by Yoshioka.

37 Hitotsukabuto attacks Maeda from behind

Hitotsukabuto attacks Maeda from behind.

Suddenly there is a gunshot. It's Maeda. He quiets the arguing with a proposition. He says that he understands how his death could mean the end of the virus, but he does not want to die. The solution to his dilemma is right outside—the female Bokor. He can detect her presence nearby. She too carries enough F-virus necessary to create the doctor’s radical cure. Hitotsukabuto goes outside to see this alternate F-virus carrier. But Iwakura points out one serious problem with this alternative. Iwakura shoots at her and she quickly raises a tower of the infected in front of her to protect herself from the bullet. This shows how impractical it is to capture and use her for the cure.

37 Rikkun grabs Hitotsukabuto's machete

Riku protects Maeda from Hitotsukabuto.

Hitotsukabuto has seen enough. He concludes that Maeda’s death is the only way to create the cure. He isn’t doing it because he dislikes Maeda. But he needs the cure right away. Daisy doesn’t have long before she becomes totally infected. Yoshioka steps forward to protect Maeda, followed by Iwakura. So Hitotsukabuto says that he cannot win a fight against two people. He surrenders and hands his gun to Yoshioka. He takes it and walks away with Maeda and Iwakura. But as they leave Maeda sees Hitotsukabuto's shadow on the ground. Hitotsukabuto's arm is raised to strike Maeda down with a machete. Maeda turns around right when Hitotsukabuto swings at him. But the killing blow is stopped by Rikkun, who grabs the blade and snaps it in half.

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