Chapter 38
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Title Big Boys Don't Cry
Volume Number 9
Chapter Number 38
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38 Riku swims through the infected

Riku swims around the infected.

Hanabata Riku dives into the Tokyo Bay. He swims through zombie infested waters until he reaches the Kisarazu side of the Toyko Bay Aqua-line. Maeda is with the others on the Sea Firefly and is shouting instructions to the infected child. Riku obediently follows Maeda's directions and scales a bridge pier with a knife firmly clutched between his teeth.

We flashback to an event that shocked everyone. When Maeda turned his back on Hitotsukabuto, Hitotsukabuto took the opportunity to swing a machete at Maeda's back. He needs a cure for the M-virus, and the easiest way to get it is from Maeda's brain. But before the blade hits Maeda, Riku rushes forward, grabs the blade, and snaps it in half. Everyone is stunned because Hitotsukabuto can see 2 seconds into the future. Riku should not have been able to protect Maeda as fast as he did without Hitotsukabuto being able to see it and counterattack.

Realizing that Maeda can instinctively control Riku Yoshioka forms a plan. They can send Riku over to the female Bokor and kidnap her. Hanabata Shinpei objects, refusing to put his son in harms way. Yoshioka reasons that if Riku goes over there he has a chance of coming back, whereas Maeda will definitely die he tries to leave. As the pair go back and forth about Riku's fate Hitotsukabuto secretly pick pockets Yoshioka's gun from him. He impatiently threatens that either Riku tries to kidnap the female Bokor or Maeda does. But Hanabata is still hesitant to send his son over.

38 Shinpei talks with Riku

Shinpei talks to his son.

Iwakura has an idea and turns to Dr. Sakagami Yukko, the scientist who claims to be able to create a cure for the M-virus. He asks here if the vaccine is completely useless on people in the advance stage of infection. Riku falls into this category. She tells him that it's possible for the vaccine to prevent further progression of the virus, and alleviate the symptoms of infection. With this glimmer of hope, Hanabata has a heartfelt talk with Rikkun.

Shinpei tells his son that he was very happy to hear that he wanted to be first a superhero and a child, and then a police officer as he grew older. He was happy that his son wanted to be a good guy, and now is the time for him to be a good guy. Possibly the only one who can save the world. Shinpei tells his son that even though he has to do a very difficult thing that he, his father, will protect him as best as he can. He will not leave his son all alone.

38 Riku carries the female Bokor

Riku captures the female Bokor.

So return to the present, with Riku pulling himself up to the surface of the bridge. Before him stands a mountain of infected people. Suddenly zombies begin to rain down from the top of the mountain. Maeda shouts to Riku, telling him to dodge the falling bodies and climb up the mountain. He does so, avoiding the bodies and climbing upward. The mountain begins to waver back and forth in order to shake him off but he continues on. It even splits into two pillars to keep him away from the summit. But he just jumps over to the pillar which holds what he wants.

Riku reaches the top of the mountain and sees her- the female Bokor. Her lungs are super-inflated as she prepares to attack him with her voice. The guys yell out to Riku, telling him to cut her chest open. He does so and the mountain of the infected quickly crumbles. But where is Riku?

38 The new Bokor

A new Bokor emerges.

Once the bodies have stopped falling a figure emerges from the rubble. It's Riku, and he has the female Bokor's body tossed over his shoulder. The blade is still in her body as he walks away from the mass of motionless bodies. But the bodies are not motionless after all. While his back is turned the zombies have stood up and separated, creating a walkway. The group on the Sea Firefly look on in confusion and Riku turns to look behind him. Everyone is shocked by what they see-- a tall, muscular man. He has no body hair or genitals. But he does have eyes with 3 pupils.

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