Chapter 4
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Title Whole Lotta Despair
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 4
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In chapter 4 Maeda, Yoshioka, Yamanoi and Iwakura have escaped the Shouran Academy with the only vehicle. After leaving Maeda's home, they are blocked off by a terrible sight- a mountain of the infected! Even worse, the mountain is moving towards them.

04 maeda and the bokor

Maeda meets the Bokor for the first time.

As Yamanoi and Yoshioka begin to bicker over what to do next, Maeda gets out of the van and walks towards the infected shambling the street. He has had it with the eminent extinction of humanity. Stealing Noiman's gun, he aims and is ready to shoot down any infected who dare try to eat him.

As his friends look on in terror they notice something far worse. The mountain, which Maeda was facing away from, suddenly rushes towards him. It stops a few yards away from him and they see a man sitting on top of the mountain.

Maeda demands that the man say something and when he does not, Maeda shoots him in the chest.

04 raining zombies

The infected jump from the rooftops.

04 Yamanoi gets grabbed

Yamanoi gets grabbed by a zombie.

As the man falls to the ground, the mountain of infected also falls. Believing the drama to be over, Maeda returns to the van. But it's not over. The infected run towards the van and chases after it as the guys drive away. The infected are much faster than they've ever been, and are hell-bent on getting to the gang. Some jump onto the van, while others jump off of rooftops to get at them. Out of desperation, Yoshioka flips the van on purpose to shake loose the infected that have clawed holes on top of the van. During the chaos Yamanoi was grabbed, and the severed arm remained in the van as a reminder of the attack. When they land upright, they drive back to the Shouran Academy, unable to go any further.

We are then left with a disturbing scene. The infected have formed a huddle around the man who sat on top of them, and are licking his wound clean. The man repeats the phrase Maeda said to the infected over and over again.

"Don't Think That I'll Go Down Without a Fight"

Chapter 4 Tally for The Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 46 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 80 Remaining

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