Chapter 42
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Title Once Upon a Time in Africa
Volume Number 10
Chapter Number 42
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42 Tony attacks the soldiers

Tony attacks the general

Iwakura recalls being recaptured after trying to escape the guerrilla group in Africa. For his disobedience he is sentenced to have his arm amputated by Tony. He kneels on the ground and tells Tony how to do it. Tony is hesitant, asking if they could discuss the situation instead. Iwakura tells him that either he cuts off his arm or the soldiers will kill him. He reminds Tony that he has cut off many arms before because that is the way things are done there. Tony raises the machete, but instead of hurting Iwakura he tries to attack the general. But the attack is easily dodged. The general then tells Tony that he is a failure and sentences him to death. All Iwakura can do is yell at Tony, telling him that if only he'd cut off his arm then he wouldn't have to die. But before Iwakura can finish Tony stops him, stating that he couldn't bring himself to dismember a friend.

As a soldier is about to shoot Tony there is an explosion. One their trucks catches fire as gunshots fly their way. It’s a group of government soldiers, and the guerrillas shoot back in return. During the chaos Iwakura and Tony escape the camp.

Once the pair reach the Japanese embassy the guards cannot believe his eyes. He pulls out a passport belonging to young Iwakura. He explains that the news of Iwakura’s family being killed made headlines in both Africa and Japan. Iwakura was presumed to be dead by now. The gates are opened to let Iwakura pass. But before he does he asks if Tony can come with him. They ask who Tony is and he replies that Tony is his friend.

42 Iwakura kills the general

Iwakura kills the general

As soon as Tony and Iwakura cross the gates Tony drops to the ground. He’s glad to be alive, and glad to have Iwakura as a friend. As the two casually talk Iwakura hears gunshots. He feels a pain and realized he has been shot in left side of his torso. He yells for Tony to get down but is too late. Tony’s body lies lifeless on the ground with a gunshot wound to the head. As Iwakura approaches the body he hears the voice of the general. He tells Iwakura how disappointed in him he is. He’s angry that he molded Iwakura to be the ultimate solider, but Iwakura grew weak because of his association with Tony. He regrets letting Tony into his camp, and as he yells at Iwakura he continues to shoot Tony’s dead body. Iwakura has had enough. He lashes out and punches the general in the head, killing him. This earns him a place at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center once he is deported to Japan.
42 Iwakura's vow

Iwakura vows to protect Maeda

Iwakura adjusts to life at the Academy but is shaken when a new inmate arrives. Once he returns to cell 4 after a day of work a young teen enters the room with Yoshioka. Iwakura instantly sees Tony, but it is actually Maeda Yoshiaki. Iwakura then recalls the trouble at the JSDF. Maeda brought Kasahara and the others to his rescue from the burning shed surrounded by the nimble zombies. Maeda explains that he came back for him because they are friends.

Yes. He and Maeda are friends.

Iwakura is done reminiscing. He readies his gun, comes out from hiding and prepares to face the giant Bokor before him. He vows that this time he will protect his friends life.

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