Chapter 43
Chapter 43
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Title Bitter Acid Symphony
Volume Number 10
Chapter Number 43
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Wakura and Maeda are hiding from the Bokor created by two Bokors merging bodies. It has tried and failed to completely absorb Maeda into itself. Iwakura wonders what to do to protect Maeda when Maeda asks what he can do to help. Remembering that Bokors can sense each other, Iwakura thinks of a way to hide Maeda for a bit. He goes over to Maeda and punches him in the stomach. As Maeda loses consciousness Iwakura tells him that he'll be right back.</p>

43 Iwakura crushed to death

Iwakura's crushed body

While passed out, Maeda has a dream of being in school with Iwakura, Yoshioka, Yamanoi and Shinpei. They are all happy and laughing. But once he wakes up he's surrounded by darkness. He kicks around until he emerges from a dumpster. Wondering how he got there he remembers being punched by Iwakura. He looks around and sees that he is alone, so he rushes off to find Iwakura. As he looks around he sees a trail of bullet casings on the ground. Realizing they could lead to Iwakura, Maeda follows the trail until it runs out at the end of the trail starts the beginning of an even worse trail-- one of Iwakura's bloody handprints. He crawls forward until he sees a horrible sight. Blood, a giant chunk of concrete and a hand sticking out from under it. Maeda rushes forward and tries to lift the block but can't. So he looks underneath and sees what's left of Iwakura's crushed body.</p>
43 Maeda has evolved

Maeda is evolving

The Bokor appears behind him and asks where he has been. He realizes that he could not detect Maeda because he was unconscious. When the Bokor sees Maeda grieving he tells him that Iwakura was violent and persistent right until his death. He stomped on Iwakura and snapped his spinal cord. But that was not enough to kill him so he dropped a massive cement pillar on him.

Maeda has heard enough. When he turns around his eyes makes it obvious that he's a Bokor. He now has triple irises. When the Bokor sees this he is happy that Maeda has passed on to the next stage of his Bokor evolution. It tells Maeda that he can now truly merge with them. But Maeda has other plans. He raises several pillars of the infected and creates a giant body that stands between him and the other Bokor.

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