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Chapter 05
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Title Bitter Fix
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 5
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05 drained

Battle weary Cell Four return to the Shouran Academy.

Maeda, Yoshioka, Iwakura and Yamanoi have returned to the Shouran Academy Juvenile Delinquency Center because they have no place else to go, thanks to the mountain of infected blocking their way forward.

They are let back onto the academy grounds, and are battle weary. Inmates crowd around them and ask what it's like outside. One even wants to physically examine them, to check for bite marks. Yoshioka does not take kindly to this, and attacks anyone who comes near him.

He then explains that there will be no rescue team, and that the world has been overrun by the infected.

The inmates cannot hide their outrage at such statements and crowed around Yoshioka, demanding my information. But the ruckus is stopped when two inmates from Cell 7, brothers HitoshiHitoshi and Kyouichi Nakazaki, demand that the Cell Four gang follow them.

05 crutch knife

Yoshioka fights Hitotsukabuto.

They are led to the director's office, where they see Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu, head of Cell 6, in the director's chair. Hitotsukabuto explains to the gang how difficult it was to destroy the infected and reclaim the academy, especially when they were murdering their friends.
05 shock stick2

Nakazaki Hitoshi shocks Iwakura

The punishment for their desertion during such a crisis is to be kicked out of the academy, and back onto the infected infested streets. Yoshioka flies into a rage and attacks Hitotsukabuto, but he fails. Yoshioka tries again and is hit hard for his attempts. While beating him with a crutch, Hitotsukabuto then reveals a shocking truth- he can see two seconds into the future.

Fights soon break out between Cell 4 and the two Cell 7 brothers, with the brothers winning. During the chaos, Yamanoi picks up a knife and throws it in Hitotsukabuto's direction. He easily dodges, only to realize that Yamanoi was aiming at the map behind him.

05 lets go

Cell Four prepare to leave the Academy to search for weapons.

Yamanoi explains that the Japan Self-Defense Forces garrison about 80 kilometers north of the academy. He proposes that if they can get there, get weapons, and return, then they should be pardoned for defecting and not helping clear the school of the infected.

Hitotsukabuto agrees to let them go scouting for weapons with one condition-- they are not allowed to use the van. He reasons that if they die on this mission then the academy would loss the van again.

So the foursome sets out into the world again- unprepared, but with nothing left to lose.

Chapter 5 Tally for The Shouran Academy Juvenile Delinquency CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 57 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 69 Remaining

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