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Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 6
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06 wire walking

Maeda climbs past the infected.

The members of Cell Four have been given the chance to stay at the academy if they can get weapons at the Japanese Self-Defense Forces base. But they still have the dilemma of how to get there without a car. Yamanoi comes up with an idea-- they can leave the Academy grounds by crawling across telephone wires. Once they are near the tree line, they can climb their way to the road. Though there is the possibility of electrocution and weak wires, the guys have no other alternative.

Maeda volunteers to climb across first. He, the lightest member of Cell 4, deduces that if the wires cannot hold his weight, than it will not hold the weight of the others. This settled, Maeda begins his crawl across the wires.

As he struggles to maintain his balance and continue forward, he reminisces about the chances he had in school to improve his body. He used to think it was a waste of time to train his body, but now he sees the error of his ways may mean the difference between life and death.

Nearly falling off the wire, Maeda summons the strength to make it across the wire and land on a nearby tree.

06 take care

Maeda prepares to defend himself.

Maeda takes a moment to inspect himself but soon hears screaming. An infected person is at the base of the tree he's on, clawing at him. Maeda debates waiting for the others to help him but decides it's his turn to defend himself.

Armed with a metal pipe, Maeda swings at the monster, aiming for its eyes. But it's no good. Not only does it snatch the pipe away from Maeda, it bites the pipe, bending it like candy! So Maeda runs for it. As he runs, he feels a tug at his ankle and is dragged back by the monster. The monster grabs his foot and prepares to take a bite. Maeda struggles, and manages to get away, minus one shoe.

06 chopsticks

Maeda uses the only weapon he can find.

Narrowly escaping, Maeda dives into a nearby garbage bin. Inside, he tries to think of a way to defended himself against the monster outside. Feeling around in the dark, he finds... a pair of wooden chopsticks! But he is undeterred. He plans out how he should attack-- using one hand to stab the monster in the ear, and using the other hand to smash the chopstick deep into its head. He hopes that will be enough to stop the monster. Just barely having finished his plan, Maeda hears the lid of the bin opening. Pumped up and ready to go, Maeda screams and lunges towards the body in front of him. But the person in front of him easily deflects his thrust.

Yoshioka, Yamanoi and Iwakura have arrived, and have taken care of the infected man. Cell 4 moves on.

While walking Yoshioka observes that the zombies they've encountered here in the country side are slower than the ones in the city. Yamanoi makes another educated guess-- the city infected were under the command of the man sitting on top of the mountain of bodies. Yamanoi thinks that the naked man his some how is controlling the infected, possibly with a pheromone.

They are in need of a vehicle, but Yoshioka cannot jumpstart any cars they find due to their anti-theft capabilities that are beyond his skill set. So as Yoshioka and Yamanoi look around for a alternative, Maeda and Iwakura look around for anything else that could be of use to them.

As Iw
06 lets ride

Cell Four drive towards the JSDF garrison.

akura and Maeda enter the office of the car dealership, they find a man lying on the ground. He appears to have committed suicide by gunshot to the head. Near him is a child's shoe, possibly the child of the dead man. The shotgun is lying next to him and Iwakura picks it up. As he and Maeda turn to go they hear a sound behind them. The man is rising up, ready to attack. Iwakura shoots the man down. Feeling sorry for the man, Iwakura places the child's shoe onto the man's chest.

The guys drive away in their new found wheels- Iwakura riding a motorcycle with Maeda in a sidecar, and Yoshioka riding a motorcycle with Yamanoi riding on the back.

Chapter 6 Tally of the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates - 57 dead
  • 20 Prison Guards- 18 Dead
  • 69 remaining


The chapter title "Heart of Gold" is a reference to the song "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young.


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