Chapter 7
Chapter 07
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Title Holidays in the Dark
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 7
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07 Lucky Hills sign

Cell Four go to Yoshioka's arcade.

After successfully finding transportation, Maeda, Yoshioka, Iwakura and Yamanoi enter a department store in search of supplies. They look around, happy that they can take whatever they want. However, there are infected people banging at the gates, prompting the guys to quickly move on towards the Japanese Self Defense Forces garrison.

07 Cell Four defend Yoshioka

Maeda, Iwakura and Yamanoi defend Yoshioka.

On the way, Yoshioka sees a highway sign leading to a place he wants to go. The gang follow him to a video arcade. When trying to get him to leave, Maeda points out that this place was owned by Yoshioka's family. Yoshioka explains that this is the store his mother continued to run after his father, and eventually he, left her.

Yoshioka asks the guys to let him play one last game of pinball before they go. They oblidge, keeping the infected away until he beats the game with his highest score ever.

Back on the road, they reach the JSDF and decide to split into two teams in order to better search for weapons. Yamanoi and Yoshioka go one way, and Maeda and Iwakura go the other way.

07 Nimble kills a JSDF worker

A nimble kills a JSDF worker.

Wandering through the buildings, Maeda and Iwakura find a survivor hiding in a closet. He is relived to see other survivors, but asks how they managed to escape the "nimble things." When they are about to ask him to explain, something crashes through the window, and grabs the man by the neck! As Maeda and Iwakura what the man being mauled, they notice more of these dog-like monsters on the tree branches outside.

They have to act fast, so Maeda tells Iwakura to jump out of the opposite window. Can they escape this new breed of monster?

Chapter 7 Tally for The Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 57 Dead
  • 20 Prison Guards- 18 Dead
  • 69 Remaining

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