Chapter 8
Chapter 08
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Title Daydream Killers
Volume Number 3
Chapter Number 8
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08 Maeda and Iwakura dash away from Nimble

Iwakura and Maeda run from a Nimble

Maeda and Iwakura have jumped out of a window in order to escape a new version of the infected-- people who have mutated into dog-like monsters. These faster and more aggressive infected people chase the two across the Japan Self Defense Forces garrison. They can barely keep away from them until they find a shed to hide inside.

Inside the shed they try to take a breather, but soon realize they are not alone. Behind them are bodies of several JSDF workers. One of the bodies is a living person too injured to want to live anymore. Seeing Iwakura’s shotgun, he begs Iwakura to kill him. Maeda is against it, but Iwakura, stressing the seriousness of the man's wounds, puts him out of his misery. Maeda then speculates about how all of these people got into the shed to begin with. Then he realizes the sad truth-- these nimble dog-things have been herding people into the shed, and storing them there to eat later.

08 Iwakura removes glass shard

Iwakura removes glass from his foot

Fearing for their future, Maeda says they have to make a run for it. But there's a big problem-- Iwakura says he can't run anymore. He then stuns Maeda by pulling a long sliver of glass from his shoe, which immediately oozes blood. He was stabbed in the foot when they jumped out of the window. Maeda says that he can't leave without him, but Iwakura demands Maeda to either leave or be shot down. So, very reluctantly, Maeda turns to go, vowing to rescue Iwakura. Then he quickly dashes out of the door, Iwakura laying down cover fire as Maeda runs away. Once Maeda is out of sight, Iwakura pulls out his last shotgun shell, stating "this one is for me."

08 Kasaharas truck

A mysterious van appears

With the dog-creatures hot on his heals, Maeda runs for his life. As he sprints past a window an arm reaches out of it and snatches him up and inside. It's Yoshioka and Yamanoi. They too are trapped inside a building, and wondering how to escape. Maeda quickly explains to them that Iwakura is trapped in a shed, but the three of them working together can rescue him. They both ignore him, and make their way towards an exit. Infuriated, Maeda loudly berates Yoshioka for his indifference in helping to save their comrade. Fed up, Yoshioka punches Maeda in the gut, and Maeda spits in his face in return. While the two prepare to fight each other, an uninterested Yamanoi notices movement outside. It's a fireworks truck, and it shoots off a massive and blinding explosive directly at a hoard of the nimble things!

Chapter 8 Tally for the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

124 Inmates- 57 Dead

20 Guards- 2 Dead

69 Remaining


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