Daisy Niinuma

18 camo daisy

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Infected Yes
Status Alive
Affiliation Child of Light Cultists

Corporal Top/Hatt
Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu

Rivals Cell Four


First Appearance Chapter 18: Yoshiaki, Can You Hear Me?

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Daisy Niinuma is a woman who arrives at The Shouran Academy under the guise of a United Nations worker.In particular, the United Nations Peacekeepers Corp. Japanese Support Group, 2nd Choke Squad: Lance Corporal Daisy Niinuma. She serves as the spokeswoman and translator for her associates.

Her first appearance is in Volume Five, Chapter 18. She is the first significant female character to appear in the series.


Daisy is dressed in a camouflage jacket, shorts, and thigh-high boots. She has an average female build. She has a very large bosom and extremely long white hair. She wears a United Nations beret which is turned to the side. She carries a locket which contains a picture of her and her parents.


Daisy first appears as a young woman who intends to have good intentions for the survivors. However this is a façade since later it is revealed that she had lied about contacting the survivor's family members in order to gain their trust. Daisy is loyal to Corporal Top, carrying out his orders without question and apparently doing all she can to make him happy. It is implied that Daisy is very weak-willed and is reliant on other people in order to stay strong, as she thought about committing suicide in a flashback, and depended on the Corporal to tell her what she should do.

When they held the group at gunpoint, Daisy claimed that she felt guilty for deceiving them with their lies, but it is unknown whether she truly felt guilty or whether she was only saying so. She was clearly devastated when it was revealed that the Bokor was killed, and was shocked when Maeda was revealed to be the next "Child of Light".

Since being betrayed by Corporal Top, Daisy had a mental breakdown and regressed back into a child-like state, seeing Kiyoharu as her "daddy" since his bald head resembles her father in a picture she carries.


Daisy was on a cruise ship with her fiancee, who was on leave from the military. When the infection began to spread over the ship, the couple were separated. He stayed on the lowest deck, while she and two others were trapped on the uppermost part of the ship.

For three days she, Top and one other passenger were trapped on top of the boat, with no food or water under the intense sun. Unable to handle her seemingly hopeless situation, she threatened to commit suicide by jumping off of the yacht. But Top tried hard to talk her out of it, stating that suicide is a sin. She asked if the appearance of the zombies was part of God's will. When she was about to jump the yacht hit land. She and her companions jump off the ship and swim to shore together. But once they stepped foot on land they are greeted by a hoard of zombies.

When confronted by the zombies the stout man that we shall called Colonel Top, tells her and the other guy not to be afraid, but instead to walk towards the infected, as this too was God's will. So the three of them walked further onto the shore. But the infected did not attack them. Instead they turned away from them. As the trio looked in the direction where all of the infected people were walking they saw a marvelous sight. The zombies were being drawn to a large pillar made up entirely of infected people. And there was a naked man sitting on top of them. The three strangers saw this as a sign from God, and spent the rest of their time together trying to find the “Child of Light” as they began to call to call him. Their first stop was the Yokosuka Naval Base, which was being used by the United Nations. There they were able recruit more people for their mission to find him. Their travels eventually lead them to the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center.

Current PlotEdit

After being betrayed by Corporal Top/Hatt, Daisy lost her memories and regressed to a childlike state, identifying Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu as her 'daddy'. Currently she sticks by Hitotsukabuto's side and appears to have the intelligence level of a child.

After deciding to spend her time in the graveyard, Daisy gets bit on the hand by a zombie, causing Hitotsukabuto to look even more fervently for a cure.


Corporal Top/Hatt
She looks up to the corporal like a surrogate father. She was initially against him and his faith. But once she saw the dead ignore her and move towards the Child of Light she gladly accepted his desire to follow the Bokor and preach his gospel to the world. She was devastated when Top abandoned her, and she mentally regressed into a childlike state because of it.

Child of Light Cultists
She helped form this cult with Hat and the unnamed cultist. They respect her authority and carry out her commands. She acted as the representative of the cult, translating English into Japanese.

Cell Four
She and Cell Four are enemies. At first she was trusting Yoshioka when he gave her a tour the Academy. But she soon learned that they had lied to her about the Bokor, and tried to execute them when she found out the teens killed her God.

Shouran Academy Inmates
She arrives at the Academy under the pretense that she and her comrades where United Nations soldiers come to save them. But she interviewed them all, trying to gain any information about the Bokor. Once she revealled her true reason for being there-- to find the Bokor and convert everyone to Bokor worshipers-- the teens rejected her message. In response she began to kill them all by either gunshot or by tossing them into a crowd of zombies to be rip to sheds.

Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu
Daisy becomes psychologically attached to Hitotsukabuto when Hat abandons her. She mentally regresses into a childlike state and Hitotsukabuto happened to be nearby when an inmate attempted to rape her. She calls him 'daddy' because he has a bald head like her biological father. He 'adopts' her because he was raised to take care of children. Although he protects her from the inmates, he plans on killing her when she regains her adult mind. When Daisy gets bitten at the Academy, Hitotsukabuto locks her in a cell and travels to the Sea Firefly to get the M-virus cure from Dr. Sakagami Yukko. He wants the satisfaction of killing her himself, instead of letting the M-virus kill her.