Extra 3
All apologies cover
Chapter Information
Title All Apologies
Volume Number 10
Chapter Number Extra 3
Chapter Guide
Previous Extra 2
Next None
Chapters and Volumes
 Taking place during Iwakura Gou's first days as a prisoner in Shouran Academy Juvenile Delinquency Center,It tells how he,Yamanoi and Yoshioka end up in solitary confinement because of one man Masao Senda.

Iwakura accidently punches Masao from behind due to his past instincts.

Yoshioka slash Masao's ear for making fun of him,his mother and his family's arcade shop.

And Yamanoi hits Masao with the television set because he interrupts an important news which involves an archaeological dig,Which explains how it was never repaired as shown from chapter 1.

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