The F-Virus is a strange, indecipherable virus, known only for its extremely poor transmission rate and long incubation time. After completing the incubation period, some select people who possess a certain special receptor are turned into Bokors, who can then control the M-Virus afflictees at will through the medium of sound and heal completely from most physical trauma. However, F-Virus afflictees are not susceptible to the M-Virus, even during the incubation process.

Process of TransformationEdit

This applies for those who possess the receptor gene. After infection:

1 day: No visible changes.

2 days: Specimen begins to deny nutrition.

10 days: Specimen has no need for nutrition any longer. Still looks physically human.

14 days: Complete loss of all hair. Absence of genitialia and excretory orifices. Cannot be called human anymore.

20 days: Eyes show splitting of three irises and pupils. Nutrition and sleep are completely unnecessary and not used.

25 days: Specimen loses consciousness as a human. It now acts purely on the instinct to find other F-Virus hosts.

Known afflictedEdit

The Bokor is a prime specimen. The second known afflicted person is Dr. Yukko Sakagami's husband, who underwent a complete transformation and became the only specimen that Dr. Sakagawa could use. Yoshiaki Maeda is currently in the incubation process of becoming an afflictee.


According to Dr. Yukko Sakagami's husband, the F in the name stands for Father.

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