Female Bokor

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The Female Bokor on top of a mountain of the infected.

Vital Statistics
Gender Female (formerly)
Infected Yes
Status Alive
Abilities Control of the infected
Affiliation The Infected
Rivals Humanity
First Appearance Chapter 28: If You Want Dirty Blood

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The Female Bokor was seen by Dr. Yukko Sakagami. The name 'Female Bokor' is misleading, as Bokor are neither male or female due to the absence of reproductive organs. It is more accurate to say that the Female Bokor is a host who was female as a human.


The Female Bokor is the first one to have been female as a human, which can be judged by the remnants of breasts on its body. Like all Bokor it has no body hair or reproductive/ excretory organs, which is why its nipples are not visible.




Current PlotEdit

The Female Bokor is still standing on the side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line opposite of the side Cell Four and the others are on.