The Infected

The Infected2

Vital Statistics
Gender Male & Female
Age Varied
Infected Yes
Status The Living Dead
Affiliation The Bokor

Child of Light Cultists

Rivals Humanity
First Appearance Chapter 1: Soon Crazy

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For seemingly no reason, crimes of murder and cannibalism have been on the rise in Japan. Even worse, soon after being bitten by these violent people, the victims become infected with urge to murder and cannibalize others.

These antagonists are ever-present throughout the series, dictating what all the other characters can and cannot do.


Left to their own devices, the infected still follow their old habits from before getting infected. They normally shuffle about, and only move faster when there is an uninfected human around to attack. However, the Bokor causes them to move at superhuman speeds with heightened aggressiveness, through vocal instructions either too high or too low for uninfected humans to hear.

As the story progresses, we learn that there are crrently two known types of infected humans-- those infected with the M-Virus, and those infected with the F-Virus. The majority of the zombies are infected with the M-Virus. This virus spreads rapidly through bites and scratches. Some people infected with this strain remain in humanaid form, while others evolve into other forms, such as dog-like or walrus-like creatures. Humans infected with the F-Virus are more rare. This strain of the virus takes much longer to transmit, and longer still to fully evovle its carrier.The F-Virus apparently gives it's carrier the ability to heal quickly, and eventually the ablity to control M-Virus infected humans. It is still unclear as to how many parts of the virus work, as carriers of the F-Virus have evolved differently over time.

Current Plot

We currently know that Dr. Sakagami 's husband (currently restrained in her lab), Maeda (currently alive) and Neumann (presumed to be deceased) have been infected with the F-Virus.