The Seals

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Vital Statistics
Gender Male/Female
Infected Yes
Status Alive
Affiliation The Infected
First Appearance Chapter 30
Last Seen Chapter 30

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The Seals are, if Yamanoi is right, rapidly evolved creatures that evolved from humans. Their genes were all affected by the same mutation by the same virus, leading them to take on similar forms. They appear to have lost the cognitive abilities they possessed as humans.


What previously used to be human arms have, in the seals, mutated rapidly into flipper-like organs. The noses have become markedly flatter and broader, with layers of fat or flesh visible everywhere on their body. They do not appear to have lost their human lips or teeth, although their eyebrows have become sparse and eyes have shrunk to the point of being almost circular.


As Cell Four and the Hanabata's drive through Tokyo in order to reach the Sea Firefly Maeda makes a suggestion. If they could find a boat, then they could make a shorter, more direct path to the Sea Firefly. But when the guys arrive at the edge of the Tokyo Bay they see a disturbing sight. A hoard of seal-like creatures cover the shore. Yamanoi deduces that they are infected humans who all underwent the same mutation. Ecstatic, he jumps out of the van insisting that he capture one to study. Suddenly a seal creature extremely larger than the others emerges from the water. I grabs a smaller "seal" with it's teeth and tosses it high into the air. The smaller seal drops to the ground hard, and lies motionless. The large seal waddles over to it and eats it. Yamanoi quickly loses interest in capturing one of them, so the guys drive on.

The seal creatures have not been seen since Chapter 30.