Unnamed Cultist

22 The unnamed cultist

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Infected No
Status Dead
Affiliation Child of Light Cultists

The Infected

Rivals Cell Four
First Appearance Chapter 18: Yoshiaki, Can You Hear Me?
Death Chapter 25: Sympathy for Slaves

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The unnamed cultist is one of the three founders of the Child of Light cult. He, along with Corporal Top and Daisy Niinuma, were moved by the sight of the 1st Bokor's control the infected. He decided then and there to dedicate his life to spreading the gospel of the Child of Light.

The unnamed cultist arrived at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center at end of Chapter 18.


The unnamed cultist is a male of average height and build. He has light colored hair. Just like his fellow cult members, he is dressed in military fatigues. He wears a beret and glasses.


The unnamed cultist seemed to be in line with Top and Daisy's goal of spreading their Bokor-worshiping cult to the world.


The unnamed cultist met Corporal Top and Daisy Niinuma on a pleasure cruise when the zombie outbreak occurred. They fled to the highest deck and watched as the infected wandered around on the decks below them. Trapped for days without food, water or shelter from the sun, Daisy declares she will jump off of the cruise ship and kill herself. The unnamed man says he wants to do the same. But Top tells them that they should not throw their lives away. Before they can jump they boat crashes against a shoreline. The trio jump off the boat and swim ashore.

When they reach the shore they are surrounded by the infected. He and Daisy want to run away, but Top tells them to not be afraid. He tells them this is all God's will. So they walk forward and are surprised by what happens next. The infected ignore them. Instead of attacking them they walk towards a huge tower made up of zombies. At the top of this tower sits a naked man.

The trio together decide that the naked man is an agent of God, and they must spread this miraculous news to the world. As they follow the naked man around the country, they slowly recruit others to their faith. Their travels around the country to find the Bokor eventually lead them to the Shouran Academy.

At the Academy, the unnamed cultist and his fellow cultists posed as United Nations workers and questioned the inmates about a man sitting on top of a tower of the infected. Cell Four were instantly skeptical of the men, and devise a plan to get rid of them all. During the fighting Kasahara Yuuji, Hanabata Shinpei and Cell Four (without Maeda) are taken captive and forced to a rooftop. By the time Maeda reaches the roof all of the guys have either jumped off or been pushed off. He uses his newly awakened ability to control the infected to save his friends and kill the cultists.

Current PlotEdit

The unnamed cultist was murdered by dismemberment by the infected Maeda was controlling in Chapter 25: Sympathy for Slaves.


Corporal Top/Hatt
He was a faithful subordinate to the Corporal. It was Top's idea that the infection was a gift from God, and that they should worship them as his angels.

Daisy Niinuma
This cultist when through the same emotions as Daisy. First they wanted to kill themselves to escape their misery on the boat. They both questioned Top's logic that the infected were gifts from God. Then they both accepted Top's faith and acknowledged it as their own as they watched the Bokor controlling they dead.