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  • ReticentOne

    Wow Inmates-- it's been over 2 years since I've worked on this wiki. This is ReticentOne, an administrator for the Apocalypse no Toride Wiki. I must confess-- when this manga ended, I was more than a bit relieved. Not only because it was such a fun rollercoaster ride, and I wanted it to end before it got boring. But also because helping out on the wiki started feeling less like fun and more like work :( I would go to my real job, come home, and start this, my second job. I was burned out by time the manga ended. Just crashed-out tired of it. Disappeared from the wiki and disappeared from the Facebook pages (yep, if you didn't know, there are 2 AnT FB pages-- a general fan page that launched first, and then a page for this wiki, whose link …

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  • ReticentOne

    Let's keep going.

    August 15, 2015 by ReticentOne

    With the manga almost over I'd like to say thank you to everyone who has helped out with the wiki. Be it edits, comments, images, conversations... Thank you everyone.

    Let's keep going. There are still lots of things to do, and lots of things needed.

    • A policy for posting on the wiki is long overdue.
    • Character current plots need to be brought up to speed.
    • The wiki needs a wordmark.
    • We also need a favicon.
    • Then we need to get some affiliates from other sites.
    • Fan art is another thing I'd love to see more of on the site.
    • And images, images, images. The more the better.

    These things (and things I know I've forgotten) will help keep the wiki alive for a long time.

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  • ReticentOne

    This was a great ride, but now it's nearly over. We got and ending, but will get the "perfect" ending in October.

    I loved seeing the characters part ways. I mean sure it hurt my heart to watch the guys go their seperate ways, but I think it would be natural for people to want to go back to living the lives they had before such a crisis. Yoshioka's exit was the hardest for me to watch. He's so random and left his fate up to chance. Classic Yoshioka. But did he he go right back into the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line tunnel? If he did, all the zombies (I hope) were destroyed in the explosion Yamanoi set off. But still. I hope he gets himself someplace safe.

    I think Maeda and Iwakura will stay together. Theirs was the deepest bond among Cell 4, so I'm gla…

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  • ReticentOne

    I was so Wrong! Iwakura the unstoppable is NOT DEAD! I almost cried when I saw that. 'Nuff said.

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  • ReticentOne

    So many things have gone on since my last post. But the most important thing is...


    Chapter 43: Bitter Acid Symphonie. I was shocked when it happened. But my major problem is that we didn't get to see him die. We only got bloody handprints, a blood stain on the ground and Maeda's expression as he looked under a rock and saw a crushed body. And the words of the merged / infant Bokor to rely on.

    Pardon my language since I don't swear very often. But what a sh!tty way to kill him off. It was a bullsh!t way to handle this major event. The death of Iwakura, member of Cell 4. How could you avoid showing one of the most anticipated fights in the series? He deserved more than a visualization of what he might have looked like as he c…

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