I would like to delete two pages from the wiki, and create redirects for them within other pages instead. The two pages are "Percy" from the "Child of Light Cultists" menu and "Others" from the "Characters" menu.

  • For "Percy,"  I would like to delete his page. I don't think he should have his own page since his role in the story is not really that important. I would like to create a section for him within the "Child of Light Cultists" page instead, and have a redirect created for that purpose.
  • For "Others", I would like to delete this page too, and redirect a click on that menu option to the "Category:Others" page. This more so than Percy is a waste of a page.

Changing the "Others" page won't be too much of a problem, since all I will be doing is cutting and pasting the information into the Category:Others page. "Others" is not a neccessary page, although a redirect will be left behind.

"Percy" on the other hand is a bit different. He is a character, and has been presented on the menu. If anyone is interested in him and has accessed his page, only to return to the site later to find it gone, than that's a problem. Will anyone think to check for him in the "Child of Light Cultists" page? And what about the "Unamed Cultists"? Should he have his own page? I gave him his own page since he is a founding member of the cult, but was that neccessary?

I'll try to change things tonight, once I figure out how to do it. I'm sorry to keep screwing around with the navigation, but I want the wiki to be as streamlined as possible. I need to think harder about page creation and not just add pages on a whim. But by all means feel free to add pages! We can hash out the details of whether it should remain its own page, or if the information would be better served in an existing page.


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