I'm so psyched that I've finally hit 1,000+ edits! It feels like I've done waaay more than that, but wikia doesn't lie :)

I'm happy to have stayed with this wiki for so long. It's been about a year now since I started working here. It was rough in the beginning for me. I wanted to help out so badly but I was scared I'd damage something if I tried. I didn't know how to edit existing text. Or how to upload images. Or how to create new pages. I asked for permission to help out, and no one was there to answer.

Then Straw-Hat Luffy and XGlass Reflection came along. Together they created pages for chapters 1-20. They created the portal template for the main page. They created a chapter infobox for the wiki. I've never thanked them properly, but I need to. Without them the wiki would still be bare bones and struggling more than it is now.

Straw-Hat Luffy is the reason I'm an administrator today. I applied because things needed to be done to the site that I couldn't do as a regular wikia user. But you need to meet certain criteria in order to be granted admin or burecrate privilages. One of the criteria was to have another wikia user support your case for adminship. Straw-Hat Luffy did that for me, and thanks to him I became an administrator here.

Then I messed up. Once I completed writing summaries for chapters 1-20, I didn't create new pages for chapters 21+ right away. By then I knew how to make pages. But I didn't because I assumed I was the only person willing to write up chapter summaries. I only created pages once I had the summaries typed up. WRONG. I needed to make blank pages so anyone could contribute to it, not just me. I ran into the same problem with characters.

My biggest mistake is taking on too much on my own. I assume that I'm the only one who cares, so things have to wait until I get to them. But I don't own this wiki. It belongs to everyone.

I've learned a lot since the beginning. I can create pages, edit text, upload images, make templates, make changes to the wiki's appearance and alter the navigation bar. It's been a long road but I'm finally going in the right direction.

I'd love for everyone who visits this wiki to leave a piece of themselves behind: a grammatical fix, an image, a summary. And a good comment especially. Half the fun of being a fan of something is talking to other fans.

Currently I am the primary editor of the Apocalypse no Toride wiki. I'm not bragging. I bring it up because if anyone has problems with any aspect of the wiki please let me know. I've goofed up lots of times here, but I've been able to turn things around too. I'm not perfect, and want as much feedback as possible.

I wish I could do more than simply sum up plots and upload images. I wish I had a direct link to Japanese fans who have more access to the manga and any news about it. But I do what I can, and try to search for information when I can.

I'm looking forward to working on this wiki for a long time. There is still lots to be done. But it'll all be dealt with over time. Thank you everyone for enjoying this wiki. And a special thanks to Hayasaka-Shion for creating it. I'm going to keep working to make this an awesome place dedicated to an awesome manga!

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