Yamanoi "Noiman" "Neumann" Mitsuru is dead.

Chapter 34 shows him valiantly sacraficing himself to save Cell 4 and the Hanabatas. It gave me a lot of respect for him, having been through such a rough childhood and then having to fight his way through one reform school to the next. He was a stone cold SOB, but he also cared about the survival of his mother, comrades, and the chance of curing the viruses. So big ups to Yamanoi.

Like always, I'll state that he's my least favorite character. I can't even say I loved to hate him, because his  rudeness, aloofness and condescending behavior rubs me wrong. It's fine that he was smarter than everyone else around him, but he didn't have to be a d!ck about it. But there's one in every crowd I guess.

Anyway, how did his death affect you? I was a little sad, but hey, this is a horror/tragedy manga. Everybody isn't going to make it out alive. Even my beloved Iwakura is gonna die I think. Of course I'll be very sad about that, but it's that drama that drives the story.


Oh yeah, one thing that just occured to me. Yamanoi was the brains of the operation. So I hope the guys don't find themselves in too many "What would Yamanoi do?" situations.

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