Here are some technical things I think the wiki could benefit from:

  1. Can anyone make templates? In particular infoboxes? I'd like to add character infoboxes.
  2. I'd also like to add chapter pictures to the chapter infoboxes, but I think that's an issue of sizing images just right. I tried it on a different wiki and couldn't make it work.
  3. Can anyone make up a favicon? I've tried to use Maeda's face and the Bokor's triple pupil, but I couldn't make it work. Maybe the program/images I used were wrong?
  4. How about a wordmark? I wanted to use the "Apocalypse no Toride" text that you see on the left side of the cover of Volume 1, and just rotate it. I have a pretty clean image that doesn't have Japanese characters over the English text, but there's still some stuff in the background. Since the font is so plain maybe I'll just type "Apocalypse no Toride" in lowercase, in black, and in a similar font, and give it a red/burgundy background.
  5. A background image? I tried to make one with the First Bokor on one side, and Maeda on the other, as seen in Chapter 4 (when they are face-to-face for the first time, around page 21.) I also tried to use Maeda's face from the cover of Volume 1, mirrored, but again I failed. I can't get the dimensions right.


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