Today has been one of the busiest, tiresome and best days for me on this wiki, but it was well worth it.

All Chapter Pages Have Images!

I cannot express how happy this makes me. This has been a thorn in my side for months and months. But now it's done. The next hurdle of course is to add an image gallery to the bottom of each chapter page. But that can wait and be picked at over time. The important thing is that every chapter you read will have at least 3 images to go along with the summary text. Images are so crucial to a wiki devoted to a manga. We can always use more, so do not hesitate to upload whatever you have.

One of the jobs I've assigned myself as an admin is to make sure all of the usable images on our wiki appear on at least one page. I say 'usable' because some images here have watermarks. Those need to be deleted and replaced with clean images instead. But don't let that stop you from adding an image with a watermark. If you add it I will try to find it and replace it, so long as you haven't done a lot of photo manipulation to it. If so then I'll make a judgement call on whether to keep it or not. But most likely I will keep it, since artistic expression of one's appreciation of this manga should not be ignored.

Let's enjoy our ever-increasing library of images! It's a continuous process, but I think it's totally worth it :)

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