So I've been gone forever, but I am back for now, and am trying to get some stuff done.

Today I changed all the instances of "Dr. Sakagawa" to "Dr. Sakagami" that I could find. I know, I know, that was a ridiculous mistake to make. But the day I made Dr. Sakagami's page I made like ten other pages as well. I know that's a lame excuse, but I was so determined to create pages for people to edit that the correct spelling of her name slipped through the cracks. And that led to others following suite in using the incorrect spelling. Once I noticed it I was like 'd@mnit!' But I think I caught most of the misspellings for now.

I added a summary to the "Inmates" page. I'll have to add a few more pictures in the future.

I added a summary to the "Infected: Dr. Sakagami" page. It too needs more pictures.

Then I finally added a summary for Chapter 32, with some images.

I "created" a page for Chapter 33. But its only got the chapter infobox on it right now. I'm working on Chapter 33, and hope to have it ready and posted within the next couple of days.

I hope to shake off laziness long enough to get more work done.


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