Chapter 34 dropped on Friday, September 6th, 2014. It's all about rescuing the guys from the car in the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. It's pretty awesome. We finally see Yamanoi step up and do something selfless in order to save his teammates. His friends. He's still my least favorite Cell 4 member, but he's closing the gap between himself and Yoshioka, my 3rd favorite Cell 4 member.

We get to see what happened once the police got ahold of him after the murder. His mother was crazy as ever. What else is new? I only wish we could have seen an image or two of young Yamanoi being led to the cop car. It would have had more of an impact I think, to see such a young child in handcuffs and being shouted at. Oh well.

The images of zombie Yamanoi aren't bad either. He doesn't go full-on Bokor mode, but maybe he would have if he hadn't ...died? Who knows? He could have been saved by Maeda at the last minute or something. I'm not gonna hold my breath either way.

All in all a well rounded chapter.


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