This was a great ride, but now it's nearly over. We got and ending, but will get the "perfect" ending in October.

I loved seeing the characters part ways. I mean sure it hurt my heart to watch the guys go their seperate ways, but I think it would be natural for people to want to go back to living the lives they had before such a crisis. Yoshioka's exit was the hardest for me to watch. He's so random and left his fate up to chance. Classic Yoshioka. But did he he go right back into the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line tunnel? If he did, all the zombies (I hope) were destroyed in the explosion Yamanoi set off. But still. I hope he gets himself someplace safe.

I think Maeda and Iwakura will stay together. Theirs was the deepest bond among Cell 4, so I'm glad that they were able to take care of each other.

Will Hitotsukabuto kill Daisy? I want to say 'no' but only because I don't think she'll ever stop being a child, even if he cures her.

Shinpei and Riku? I hope they find someplace peaceful. He's a great dad and although I know Riku will never be normal I hope his symptoms don't get any worse.

How will Yukko spread the cure around? It would have been nice if Yoshioka did it for her.

So many questions... Should I even keep calling this the final chapter? I'm gonna change things right now, it doesn't sit right with me, knowing that there is still one more thing coming out. I just wanted to label that "bonus material" or something, but I'll just change the chapter summary box on the bottom of the homepage to "Latest Chatper".

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