I've been really busy changing chapter names. I did so because the majority of wikias out there have either the chapter title or the chapter number as links, not both like we did. So I followed suit.

I admit that I really miss seeing the chapter titles at the top of the pages, since this manga has such unique chapter titles. But it was either the title or the number. Maybe, when you talk about manga chapters, the chapter numbers are a bit easier to remember and look forward to for an ongoing series. I dunno. I like the unique titles, but I've been staring at this stuff for so long it's all a blur to me :)

But if someone would like to see change please leave me a message. Or make the changes I talk about below. I've been lazy about checking in on the site but I will do so more often now that these changes have taken place.

One thing that needs to be addressed is the Volumes and Chapters page. Right now the Chapters link within the "Apocalypse no Toride" menu links to Category:Chapters. We need to get the Volumes and Chapters page to link there instead. But that page needs a crazy amount of work, and I don't even know if it links to anything anymore. But we have to find it and fix it. This is necessary. That's because when you look at the list of chapters on the Category:Chapter page, you see chapters 1, 10, 11, 12 and 2, 20, 21, 22... Which is just sloppy. I don't want to add the zeros back in front of the links to Chapters 1-9 again because this will just change the chapter numbers back to the clunky 01, 02, 03 at the top of the chapter pages again, which doesn't look so nice.

Fixing up a Volumes and Chapters page beats changing more chapter names/links in my opinion. Let's do it :)


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