I've protected the Volumes and Chapters page. I did this because the formating that makes up the page is... delicate. As in non user-friendly thanks to my lack of coding skills. So it's a basic row and column setup, which can be easily messed up. So for now I will add the volume summaries for now.

If anyone else would like to write up volume summaries please do so. Just make up a page, write up the summary and add it into the category "Chapters". I'll find it, cut and paste the text, and delete the dummy page.

I know this is more complicated than neccessary, but until someone can create a better Volume and Chapters page that's easy to use and add to, I've got no other choice.

If you can create a good page, make one up with a different title or show me an example of a suitable page that you've made up.

Always looking for help!


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