I had to change the layout for the "Chapters and Volumes" page. There are a lot of awkward gaps of space in it, but the old way was near impossible to read on a phone or other mobile device. Sorry, I had no idea how bad it was. Maybe I'll fool around with the layout some other time, like after the summary for chapter 42.

I also had to correct the "Community Portal" link on the main page. It was wrong at the bottom of the page, in the box that tells you ways to contribute to the wiki. Sorry again, I have no idea how long that was screwed up.

Lastly, I've been taking a break from the wiki and the 2 Apocalypse no Toride Facebook pages, but I'll get back to work real soon. We've got Chapter 42 to talk about, and there's always more images to be uploaded. See you soon!

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