I noticed a while back that there are in fact two Chapter infobox layouts on this wiki:

Chapter 14
Chapter Information
Title Roll Over Wagner
Volume Number 4
Chapter Number 14
Chapter Guide
Previous Chapter 13
Next Chapter 15
Chapters and Volumes
Smells Like Dead Spirit
Chapter Information
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 11
Chapter Guide
Previous Chapter 10
Next Chapter 12
Chapters and Volumes

I call the one with the title "Smells Like Dead Spirit" template "A", and the one with the title "Chapter 14" template "B". Notice that "B", "Chapter 14", has the additional field "Title" underneath the field "Name". Template "A" is used from chapters 1-13. Then template "B" is used from chapters 14-current.

I am not sure which I like better.

I'm leaning towards "A" because it promenantly displays the chapter name, which the page name does not. I've mentioned how I miss the chapter names being the page names. I'm even considering renaming all of the pages in order to bring the trend back. But putting the chapter name at the top of the infobox looks a bit confusing since it doesn't match up to the page name. "Did I get lost? Why is the text in the chapter infobox different from the page name?" But the volume and chapter numbers are in the template "A" infobox as well, so perhaps it isn't a big deal.

Template "B" is nice because you know exactly what chapter you are on, and it also includes the chapter name right underneath it.

So I dunno. Please leave feedback with your opinion.

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