Bokors are all the rage with the kids nowadays...

Bokors have taken over our fair manga and our poor heroes are having the worst time fighting them off. As our guys and gal deal with the Bokors on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line, here at the AnT wiki we are dealing with Bokor's on the navigation menu.

There is a new sub-menu called "Bokors" and it's for... you know, Bokors. They are in order by their confirmation of Bokor status in the manga. In other words: 1st (blonde) Bokor, Maeda, Dr. Sakagami, Female Bokor, Noiman, 6th Bokor (streroids guy) and Infant Bokor (female and 6th in their merged state).

This brought up an old but important issue discussed a long time ago. This problem was addressed nearly a year ago by our wiki's founder, Shion Hayasaka. As more Bokors began to emerge we needed a way to distinguish them from each other. She proposed Bokor I, II, III or 1st, 2nd, 3rd. We never got into it any deeper than that, but I wish I would have had her foresight. So now I've decided to use the names of all the Bokors I can, and then give numbers to the ones with no name or distinguishing features. So the "6th Bokor" is that steroid guy who showed up at the end of chapter 38. "Infant Bokor" is the 6th and female bokor's merged bodies.

I also created pages for the 6th Bokor and the Infant Bokor. Both of those pages need lovin', but especially the Infant Bokor's page. It's basically blank because I don't have the time to deal with it right now. Sorry! But that's were visitors and the wikia community comes in. If you can help out than please do. It means so much to me when other people take time out of their lives to help work on this wiki.   -Ret1

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