I'm back from vacation. It was really nice seeing my family after over a year. But now it's time to reopen my wing of the Academy and get back to wiki work.

I'm planning on removing the long-winded volume summaries in favor of shorter ones. I've looked at other wikis and they don't drone on about such things, so I'm going to follow their lead. All of that text is intimidating and off-putting; I just couldn't see it because I wrote it. They're gone on Monday (9-8-14) if there are no objections.

I'd also like to add images to Chatper 12, "He's Electric". The one where Cell 4 comes back from the JSDF and Riku goes berserk at the end. I can't believe I put up pictures for chapter 11 and 13 but skipped over 12. False. I totally believe it because I do that all the time :-D

Anyway, those are my plans for this weekend.

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