I skipped over some chapters without images and added images to Chapter 26 instead. 'Cause I felt like it :p  Not only does it have images in the summary, there is also a small image gallery at the bottom of the page. Also the Death Tally is back again. I have to add it to all of the later chapters, especially since **** has died.

Anyway, chapter 26 is called "Damned Damned Damned". It's the chapter where we learn Cell 4 and Hanabata Shinpei survived their fall from the Academy's roof top. Maeda created large flowers out of zombies which caught everyone but Kasahara. Pretty cool, pretty sad. After watching Hanabata grieve while holding Kasahara's severed head they notice some not-so cool stuff taking place. Some of Shouran's inmates have hung a cultist from a tree and are beating him to death. But a worst crime almost happens.

Some sleazy inmates threaten to rape Daisy before killing her. She starts crying like a baby and crawls away. All but one of the inmates leave her alone. The one who continues to chase her is a child molester who doesn't care that something is not right about her psychologically . But she's saved by Hitotsukabuto, who immediately 'adopts' her! Her traumatized mind thinks he's her dad because he and her dad are both bald. I laughed and cheered at the same time about his intervention!

The last image of this chapter is a bit disturbing-- Maeda's distorted body laying on the ground. He jumped out of General Top's helicopter before Hitotsukabuto blew it up with a bazooka. More Hitotsukabuto awesomeness. But Maeda's still alive. How?

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