Changes... They be a comin'.

The main page of this wiki needs a major overhaul. This has been a major irritation of mine for a long time. But I didn't have the wikitext knowledge or guts to make changes. Now I understand things a little bit better, and can do something helpful. We won't have the world's best ever main page, but I can fix it up a bit. I'm no master at wikitext, but I can create portal templates for each of the new elements I'm proposing based upon the existing rounded-off portals we already have.

This image is a draft of what I'd like to do. I know it looks busy. I know it looks like a lot to add. But hopefully it'll help with navigation, attractiveness, user interaction and conformity with other (manga) wikis. I am not saying that we need to be a clone of other wikis. But I am saying that people are used to seeing certain elements in certain places when they look at manga wikis. So emulating some of these principles will hopefully give our wiki a look that people will be both comfortable and familiar with.

My other concern is the color scheme. I'll keep the dark red portal color for now. But eventually I'm probably going to change everything to dark red-- the menu bar, chapter infobox and character infobox (coming soon as well!) And give the wiki a plain black background, until a background image surfaces. I might change the background black anyway, just to complement the new portals. Eventually I'd like us to create a color scheme that really reflects the dark tone of the manga. Black, reds, purples, browns, dark greens and oranges even. But I'll leave that for another time and another discussion.

Please leave feedback here or on the Facebook page if you'd like to see something added, deleted, rearranged or reworded. If there are no objections then I will begin to implement these changes at the end of the week.


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