Today was a pretty productive day for me. Granted I didn't leave the house after I came home from work though... I added images to Chapters... 31, 30, 29 I think? Adding images to chapters- it's a lot harder than it sounds. I thought it wasn't a big deal at first, until I started. I mean, each chapter has at least 35 pages. That's a lot of panels to scour through for a good 3-5 descriptive images. And I'm terribly indecisive, so it takes me twice as long as it needs to. "This image or this one?!" "Is this image too dark / blurry / sharp?" "Can you quickly tell what's going on in it?" "Do you need to understand the deeper meaning behind what this image shows?" Too many questions... and the work doesn't always reflect the effort that when into it. But I'm trying, so that's worth something. We all are, and that's a really cool thing.

I want to take a little time from images (but I really won't) to work on updating some current plots. All of Cell Four needs work. Just saying "so-and-so has the F-Virus" is okay, but we can do better than that. I'm weird in that I'll write up a character bio for some random person, but leave my favorite people alone. I figure that my favorite people are most other people's favorites too, so someone else can do it. But things have been left undone for a really long time. I'll try to roll the snowball off the mountain top, and let the momentum inspire others to push harder.

It's scary to edit a blank page sometimes. I was afraid to edit other people's work. I was afraid to create my own work. I asked for permission before I started editing. And seeing the dreaded "this page needs content" text on a page that exists but doesn't exist is still intimidating to me, and I've seen it LOTS of times. So I understand and would like to make contributing easier. I remember how badly I screwed up by not putting out enough pages. Now I need to try a little harder at adding more text here and there, so there isn't so much scary white space around.

I also keep saying to myself that I need to get as much stuff done as soon as possible before a new chapter comes out. Then there won't be so much playing catch-up to do. Someday I'll listen to myself :p

I've got so much stuff on the back burner it isn't even funny anymore. But that psuedo-pressure makes it funny again. Really, this is all for fun! Nobody's getting graded or fired here. But there is so much to type, and so little time... and even less patience...

Crap- It's time for bed!


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