So many things have gone on since my last post. But the most important thing is...


Chapter 43: Bitter Acid Symphonie. I was shocked when it happened. But my major problem is that we didn't get to see him die. We only got bloody handprints, a blood stain on the ground and Maeda's expression as he looked under a rock and saw a crushed body. And the words of the merged / infant Bokor to rely on.

Pardon my language since I don't swear very often. But what a sh!tty way to kill him off. It was a bullsh!t way to handle this major event. The death of Iwakura, member of Cell 4. How could you avoid showing one of the most anticipated fights in the series? He deserved more than a visualization of what he might have looked like as he crawled to fight the Bokor.

Maybe Chapter 44 will clear some things up. I dout it will, but I'm still looking forward to it. Iwakura's death triggered Maeda's next stage of his Bokor evolution-- eyes with three pupils.

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