First off I'd like to apologize for not blogging in a while. The wiki is still being worked on but sometimes I'm too tired to blog about what I've just done. I'll try to communicate more, both here and on the Facebook page.

Anyway, I just added image galleries to chapters 1 and 2. Actually, I added an image gallery to chapter 1 last week, and just now added an image gallery to chapter 2.

Chapter 1 is a bit mild. Mostly stuff about Maeda's incareration and the daily interactions between the inmates. But chatper 2 is extremely violent. The infected overrun the Shouran Academy, and they attack anything that moves. I was shocked to see how graphic this chapter was, but in a good way. I'd forgotten thanks to the craziness currently going on. Just another reason why this manga is so great: re-reading past chapters is like eating a treat you'd forgotten you liked :)   -Ret1

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