Our wiki just got two new pages: one for the Creators, and one for a list of chapter title references.

I've FINALLY created a page for Karashi Yuu and Inabe Kazu. That right there is the last/first position of their names. But I wrote their names first/last on the creator page. I might change this down the line. English speakers use first/last, but I'd rather use the Japanese last/first format. I dunno, leave your thoughts on the matter here or on the Facebook page.

The other page is a list of chapter titles and the trivia behind them. The official page name is "Chapter List and References". I'm not really diggin' it. I've named the link to it "Title References" for the sake of space, but I'd rather it be "Title Trivia". "Title References" and the "Chapter List and References" are rather boring names. I dunno. I'll change it, I'll leave it, I don't know. -Ret1

ps- A summary for chapter 42 is on it's way. I've already got most of the images ready for upload, I just need the text.

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