It just occured to me a that I've never said anything about what I like about this manga. Notice that in my head I call it "ApnoTo" (App no Toe) because ANT looks like, well, ant. I'm not going to write an essay right now, as I'm really tired, but here's a short list. Maybe I'll add more to it later. Maybe we can set up a page for people to submit their own lists, or a page with several polls. That would be cool and fun!

All are ranked from best (1) to worst (5):

Cell Four

  1. Iwakura
  2. Maeda
  3. Yoshioka
  4. Yamanoi

Top 5 Story Arcs

  1. Weapons Run
  2. Mission to the Sea Firefly
  3. Introduction
  4. Death of the Original Bokor
  5. Child of Light Cultists

Top 5 Character Traits

  1. Iwakura's concern for others
  2. Maeda's decreasing innocence
  3. Yoshioka's randomness
  4. Hanabata's emotions
  5. Daisy's regressed state

Top 5 Supporting Characters

  1. Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu
  2. Hanabata Shinpei
  3. Kasahara Yuuji
  4. Dr. Sakagami (male)
  5. Dr. Yukko Sakagami

If I Were Hardcore I Would Want

  • Maeda's morals
  • Iwakura's strength
  • Iwakura's compassion
  • Hitotsukabuto's 2-second sight
  • Hanabata's happiness
  • Yoshioka's knife skills
  • Yamanoi's brain (but not the crazy parts)

Top 5 Questions

  1. Where the heck are those 2 remaining guards?!
  2. What did Iwakura do to get to Shouran?
  3. How do groups of people undergo power-upgrading / deformations together? You know, the nimbles, the seals...
  4. What did Yoshioka do to get into Shouran?
  5. Will Daisy ever get her memories back? (Of course not :p)

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