So far there isn't an image policy on this website yet. This is because:

  • I am too new to wikis to impose rules I don't understand
  • All of my images have come from scanlations, and the watermarks on them are sometimes in places that are hard to erase

I've seen other wikis use some of these rules in their image policies:

  • all watermarks must be erased from images
  • all text within an image must be erased, unless the text is really important in conveying a message
  • specific size restictions must be followed
  • a preference for .png over .jpg

So for now this wiki will accept any images. But I will try to erase as many watermarks as I can on the pictures I upload. This upsets me a bit however because scan teams, especially Vendetta Scans, work hard to translate and post their work, so it seems unfair to deface their work. So a big shout out to Vendetta Scans for providing easily accessible ApnoTo images to other sites.

Eventually we can come up some rules, most likely based upon rules that seem to be universal among other wikis.


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