So I've been working on volume summaries. As I work, I've had to look at all of the chapters related to the volumes, obviously. And in looking at the chapters I've noticed how few of them have links within them, if any at all. For reals. Most, if not all, are missing links. And it shocks me. How could I be so oblivious?

But in all honesty I wrote most of these back when I wasn't quite sure how to use Wikia, or how I wanted the information to look. I didn't look at or study a lot of other wikis because I felt intimidated. And I churned the summaries out as fast as I could to catch up to current chapters as soon as possible. So not linking things up has become so routine to me that I haven't even thought about it until now. There's a lot of work to be done. Hooray :(

We need links! If you see something that can be linked to a character bio, another chapter, a location, or even an external page, please put it in. I'll go back and start adding links one chapter at a time too.

As you can see I'm a bit obsessed about the chapter summaries because a) I wrote them all and b) they are important in summing up what goes on in the manga. But another thing I noticed on a wiki and thought was pretty cool was a short summary vs a long summary. I'm thinking of adding a short summary at the top of each chapter page. That will give a quick explanation of key points in the story. If that's cool say so. It's a lot of extra work, but if it'll make this wiki more enjoyable to use then I'll do it.

Which leads to one other thing, a pretty big thing. I'm sorry for opting to use chapter numbers instead of chapter names for each page. I really should have kept the original way- naming the pages with chapter names instead of naming the pages with chapter numbers. I thought it was wrong and long to name by chapter name. But now that I've looked at lots of other wikis I see how standard it is to use chapter names instead of numbers, or at least a combination of the two. If this is a problem that the community wishes to address and have 'fixed', than let me or Hayasaka-Shion know. I don't mean to speak for her but as our first admin I think she should have a say on something this important and drastic.

Another. I Added "Skills" to Iwakura's character profile. I'd like to add it to everyone's profile, but I'd like your input on it before I make such a sweeping change. I did it because there was a section call "Strengths" that talked about how physically strong he was, but it was only on his page. I think all of the main characters can have this section added to their biographies, and possibly the secondary characters as well. And I think it'll be fun for the community to add what they think is cool about their favorite characters, as described in the manga of course. Write a fanfic if you want to talk about how hot Yoshioka is or how Daisy uses her boobs to hypnotize the boys (although that might count as a legitimate skill actually...) Also, if the word "Skill" is not accurate then let us know too. I just came up with that off the top of my head.

And as always, pictures. I'll try to edit and add some pictures over the weekend. No promises though. I'd rather write than edit pictures right now, but this site is lacking so badly in images that I might have to take the time to force myself.

I haven't forgotten about Yamanoi's history/current plot. I'm half way finished, and don't want to upload an unfinished section. But I don't know if I can add corresponding images to his bio as quickly as I did to Iwakura's bio, as I hate Yamanoi and his smug little face :p

Some days I wish I could take a day off work to do this stuff...

Anyway, I'll blog some more in a bit, after I've uploaded a thing or two.


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